Is Baseball Card Collecting Dead?

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If you’re just getting back into the hobby and trying to figure out what you can do with your old cards, this is a question that might be popping into your mind. 

Not to be blunt, though, but if you’re asking whether or not your baseball cards are worth anything, chances are they probably don’t have much value.

Importantly, though, that doesn’t mean all cards are worthless—as there are many, new and old, that can be sold right now for a pretty penny.

It also doesn’t mean your cards have in fact no value—you’re just going to have to research a bit in order to find your answer.

But, that’s why I’m here! To get you headed in the right direction.

Are Baseball Cards Worth Anything?

Yes, baseball cards hold tremendous value, as do football and basketball cards, and even non-sport cards like Pokemon. “Worth” also means different things to different people, but generally, baseball cards definitely hold dollar value in today’s hobby world.


I mean, the easy answer is to look at recently completed eBay auctions to get a general sense of whether or not cards are worth anything:

But as the above shows and like anything, it really depends. Not all cards are worth something, no matter what you see on Facebook Marketplace,  OfferUp, or wherever else you go to buy baseball baseball cards

Meaning, we’ve gotten to the point where cards are “hot” again, leading to long lines in front of empty shelves of people just waiting for new product to arrive at your nearest retailer.

But that also seems to mean that whenever anyone stumbles across their shoeboxes of junk wax, they think they have at least a $100 bill sitting in front of them. 

Unfortunately, and going back to the first sentence above, that’s typically not the case. It can be the case, but there are many things that determine value or worth of your cards. 

So, again, are baseball cards worth anything?

As we’ve shown here, we can answer this question with a simple “yes.” Baseball cards are worth something, with many worth quite a bit.

Where cards get a bad rap and labelled as “worthless” is with the vast amount of collections made up of late-80s, early 90’s “junk wax.” These cards were actually so abundant, even the great rookie cards from those years have had their values greatly watered down because they are so easy to come by.

If you needed any more proof of whether or not baseball cards are worth anything, just go to eBay, search for “baseball cards” and then tick the option to view “sold” items. You can sort by max price too, if you wanted, but even without doing so just scroll down the list and take a look at some of the prices.  Those are real, recent sales; sales that are happening daily, by the minute.

So yes, baseball cards are worth something. No, collecting is not dead.

You just have to know what to look for.