10 Sports Cards Podcasts to Check Out in 2022

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Podcasting has been hot, and is still on the rise if you can believe it…and might be a leading content creation platform for a long time coming. Add in the sports card boom of the last couple of years and you have sports card podcasts growing just as popular.

Why? Because as this very baseball card blog can attest to, newcomers have a lot of questions, and rightly so—there doesn’t seem to be anything straightforward when it comes to “the hobby.” And while I love written content and answering everything from what is a PSA 10 to how do you get a card graded, being able to listen to experts talk about all things cardboard certainly has its place and time.

Even the experienced collector can listen to a podcast and be engaged by the opinions expressed by experts, players, industry insiders, and owners of card shops to help them chart their next moves.

So, we have gathered some of the best and most visible podcasts available, taking into consideration their traffic, subject matter, social media followers, and more! (Know of a deserving podcast, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or find me on social at @ballcardgenius.)

Please note: Ballcard Genius is not affiliated with any podcast mentioned below or any conversation or dialogue that takes place on any of the podcasts below. Their mention here is purely for informational purposes and does not constitute a recommendation. Information, ratings, and more can change regularly, so please visit official podcast pages for more up-to-date content.

1. Card Talk Pod

Card Talk is a weekly podcast, delivering new episodes every Wednesday about, well, trading cards! What seems to make this podcast great is the focus on card education and pulling back the curtain on everything listeners need to know about their favorite hobby and/or how to make money on the side with cards.

4.6 • 288 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • Does Preseason Football Matter + Fernando Tatis OUT!
  • Football is BACK, Serena’s Retiring & Lou Met His PC!
  • We are BACK from the National!

2. Mojobreak Sports Card Show

The Mojobreak Sports Cards Show is a podcast from someone who knows cards well—a breaker! That’s right, Mojobreak has been offering live sports cards breaks since 2010, which means a lot of cards have not only touched their hands, but have been part of a lot of conversations between themselves and collectors hoping to hit the next big card.

Check out this podcast for the latest card news, product releases, tips on what to buy or sell, and candid talks with hobby insiders and influencers.

4.5 • 106 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • 251 – BBCE Duped Again? + Silver Pack Controversy & Guess That Price
  • Wax Packs & Warning Tracks #16 | The Curious Case of Fernando Tatis Jr. with Doug Caskey
  • 250 – The Most Overhyped Cards in The Hobby – WWE, Triple Logoman & More

3. SlabStox Sports Card Trading

SlabStox is a well-known card data and content site, so it’s only natural they be one of the biggest names in sports card podcasts as well. With everything an interested listener would want to hear – card trends, trading tips, and news – SlabStox offers a ton in the way of positively impacting collectors’ lives and card habits.

4.4 • 88 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • What Are The Most OVERVALUED Sports Cards Today? | SlabStox Live
  • How Much in Sales Can We LOCK IN on the PWCC Auction #30 | Flip Quest 2022
  • Dinging Corners: Vaughn Grissom + Tatis Market

4. Sports Card Nation

John Newman created the Sports Card Nation podcast in 2018, which now stands out as a platform for the discussion of hobby current events, sports cards, and more. Judging by the reviews, the Sports Card Nation show seems to consistently release quality and conversational interview podcasts, of which can be found each Friday. You might want to add it to your ‘must listen to list,” because in John’s words, “I love sharing my passion for this hobby, maybe a little insight and pride myself on being honest and direct.”

4.4 • 84 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • Hobby Quick Hits Ep.125 NSCC Main Stage w/Cousins Collectibles & Danny Black
  • Ep.192 w/Daniel Kozin(Good Samaritan)
  • Hobby Quick Hits Ep.124 Atlantic City NSCC Review

5. Lukas, Tigers, and Brons OH MY!!

Hosted by @cagelawyer and @iamandrewgoldberg, Lukas Tigers, and Brons OH MY! might have the catchiest name of all the podcasts listed above and below it! Beyond the title creativity, this show offers tips to “enjoy building your collection and make money while doing it.” Sounds good to me.

4.4 • 93 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • National Treasures 2022- Guest 9: DonDiegoTrading joins LukaNation
  • National Treasures 2022- Guest 9: OctaneCollectibles joins LukaNation
  • National Treasures- 2022 Guest 8: BasketballCardGuy joins LukaNation

6. Golden Age of Cardboards

And while we surely love Luka and Lebron cards, let’s not forget about vintage. A Bench Clear Media production, this podcast is all vintage, all the time—and I love the way they describe that…”there are no chrome cards here…” I certainly love me some shiny, and could gaze upon a superfractor all day long, but I also grew up with junk wax and loving vintage, so I’m all for it.

4.9 • 59 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • Buying Vintage – So Many Ways. The Good and the Bad!!
  • Getting Back to my Roots!!
  • The Vintage Vibe at the National – Was it a Fire Sale???

7. Stacking Slabs

As mentioned in their show description, this podcast is for sports card investors and offers guidance on “when to turn left when the rest of the market is going right.” Starting as a passion project amid the COVID-19 pandemic by Brett McGrath, the podcast disseminates the host’s enthusiasm to educate and help card investors find positive gains through episodes released twice a week.

4.7 • 108 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • A Call to the Community to Help Debunk Some Hobby Myths
  • Going Against the Grain and Collecting Because of Memories with Luke Smith (@memorymachines)
  • The Boots on the Ground Perspective from The National with Joey Colarulo (@the.e.trader)

8. Breaker Culture Podcast

The Breaker Culture Podcast touts itself as the longest running sports card podcast in the industry, offering insights, product reviews, and even analytics since 2015. I’ll say, if their show titles are any indication of the enthusiasm Breaker Culture has for cards, listeners are in for a real treat! Tune in for a number of hobby interviews and investment stories.

4.5 • 111 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • He BLEW OUT NUMBERS at National WITHOUT doing this…

9. The Splendid Sports Podcast

Another show on sports card collecting and investing, The Splendid Sports Podcast is geared toward helping both “rookies” and card veterans with content across the different major sports with both modern and vintage cards. With “short and concise” conversations and interviews, this show seems to offer everything you need to quickly jump into the other side of cards.

5.0 • 5 Ratings

Latest episodes:

  • I Changed My Opinion About SGC – 7 Relic Card Grading Submission
  • “3 And 3” With Junk Wax Hero Mike – 3 Of His Favorite Sports Cards And 3 He Wants
  • Bill Russell – 11 Card & Autograph Showcase & My Favorite Interview

10. Go GTS Live

Touted as “the hobby’s web show” Go GTS Live is, well, a LIVE streaming webcast for sports card news and info. You can check it out every Thursday night at 9PM EST or check out any of the posted 185 episodes now.

5.0 • 6 Ratings

And with that, 10 great options for the quizzical card mind—tune in, listen up, and enjoy.

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