BGS Grading Turnaround Time Info & Personal Experience

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BGS Grading turnaround times are as follows:

  • Collectors’ Special: 40-60 Days
  • Base: 40-60 Days
  • Standard: 10-20 Days
  • Priority: 2-5 Days
  • Next Day: 1 Day
  • Immediate: Same Day

Now, those are the advertised times (and note, they are business days). The reason I’m putting this post together is to provide a real example showing just how long it took my card to go from being received at Beckett for grading, and then back to me.

First, the card and some reasoning.

For my maiden voyage with BGS grading, I selected to send in this stunning Wander Franco 2022 Topps Japan Edition Jade Green /75. What caught my eye was the centering, which seemed perfect and a clean surface. The edges looked great, and most of the corners were super sharp.

Given all of that, I thought this card had a great time at becoming a BGS 10 Pristine, and that played into me going with BGS versus PSA because a BGS 10 would have done a lot more for the value than a PSA 10 (thanks to the BGS grading scale).

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So, off the card went. (I personally thought if anything, the lower left corner was going to be the reason for the card missing a 10 mark, but I was confident it would receive at least a 9.5.) I chose the “standard” level of grading, which meant it should take between 10 and 20 business days for turnaround.

The card was received 3/1/2023, which was a Wednesday. Given the turnaround time of 10-20 business days, the card was hopefully going to be graded and shipped back to me before the end of the month.

And, lucky me, the card was actually shipped back 3/22/23, which unofficially is about 16 business days—not bad!

Oh, the grade? That beautiful Wander received a 9.5. I don’t yet have it back in hand, but the subgrades are as follows:

  • Centering Grade : 9.5
  • Corner Grade : 10.0
  • Edges Grade : 10.0
  • Surface Grade : 9.0

So yes, you’re reading that right—the two areas, centering and surface, I thought were near perfect ended up being the card’s downfall, while the two questionable subgrades – edges and corners – were perfect.

Go figure!

Anyway, a good experience all around barring no shipping mishaps, and the turnaround time from BGS was as expected.

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