Hottest Basketball Cards Right Now [September 2023]

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The hottest basketball cards right now include Ja Morant 2019 Chronicles (with Young Dolph), Anthony Edwards 2020 Prizm #258, and Michael Jordan 1990 Fleer #26 PSA 9. This is based on the number of sales according to Market Movers data from the last 7 days.

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We are still months away from the NBA season, and that’s obvious in the volume of card sales over the last 7 days. In fact, when you compare to the hottest football cards, the total number of basketball cards sold among the top 10 hottest, 296, fall well short (693 for football).

It’s also obvious that we aren’t yet in basketball season because I don’t think a 1990 Fleer Michael Jordan smells the top of the list when facing the competition of current NBA activity.

In any event, here is the entire list of hot basketball cards based on sales volume over the last 7 days:

PlayerCard# of SalesStarting Price7-Day Avg
Ja MorantJa Morant Chronicles #116 Panini (Young Dolph in Background) Raw40$36.71 $39.78
Anthony EdwardsAnthony Edwards Prizm #258 Base Raw37$8.22 $8.78
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Fleer #26 Base PSA 931$30.54 $30.61
Victor WembanyamaVictor Wembanyama Topps Now Draft #D-1 Base (Print Run: 72,171) PSA 1029$64.20 $65.47
Kobe BryantKobe Bryant Topps #138 Base Raw28$66.47 $59.64
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Fleer #4 Decade of Excellence PSA 927$32.65 $33.37
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Fleer #26 Base Raw26$4.16 $5.30
Mark JacksonMark Jackson Hoops #205 Base (Menendez Brothers in Background) Raw26$4.59 $5.04
Shaquille O'NealShaquille O'Neal Topps #362 Base Raw26$3.60 $6.41
Victor WembanyamaVictor Wembanyama Bowman's Best University #51 Refractor Raw26$47.67 $43.96
Dennis RodmanDennis Rodman Fleer #43 Base Raw23$18.83 $24.79
Victor WembanyamaVictor Wembanyama Bowman's Best University #51 Base Raw21$28.00 $26.12
LeBron JamesLeBron James Upper Deck Redemption Special PSA 921$40.00 $41.44
Ja MorantJa Morant Prizm #249 Base PSA 1021$66.73 $63.11
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Fleer #21 Base Raw21$7.92 $11.22
Giannis AntetokounmpoGiannis Antetokounmpo Pinnacle #5 Base Raw20$38.00 $37.26
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Hoops #65 Base Raw19$7.08 $3.88
Austin ReavesAustin Reaves Prizm #165 Base Raw19$5.35 $5.21
Victor WembanyamaVictor Wembanyama Topps Now #472 Base (Print Run: 48,654) PSA 1019$32.89 $34.52
Chet HolmgrenChet Holmgren Prizm #266 Silver Raw18$62.67 $44.68
Anthony EdwardsAnthony Edwards Prizm #258 Silver Raw18$119.67 $117.88
Kevin DurantKevin Durant Topps #2 Factory Set (White) PSA 818$15.00 $16.23
Dominique WilkinsDominique Wilkins Fleer Sticker Base Raw17$23.62 $32.43
Kobe BryantKobe Bryant Topps #138 Base PSA 917$140.70 $132.29
LeBron JamesLeBron James Prizm #1 Base Raw17$11.00 $7.59
John StocktonJohn Stockton Fleer #115 Base Raw17$19.25 $11.10
Reggie MillerReggie Miller Fleer #57 Base Raw16$14.58 $13.14
LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball Optic #153 Base Raw16$3.44 $3.63
Scottie PippenScottie Pippen Fleer #20 Base Raw16$21.01 $21.02
LeBron JamesLeBron James Topps #221 Base Raw16$232.13 $248.32
Paolo BancheroPaolo Banchero Mosaic #10 Stained Glass (SSP) Raw16$403.00 $323.25
Jaden IveyJaden Ivey Prizm #256 Silver Raw16$16.83 $14.23
Paolo BancheroPaolo Banchero Prizm #249 Silver Raw15$53.50 $58.75
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Hoops #21 All-Star Raw15$3.17 $4.07
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Fleer #120 All-Star Raw15$39.93 $38.71
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Hoops #200 Base Raw15$15.00 $5.09
Sleepy FloydSleepy Floyd Fleer #34 Base Raw15$4.45 $6.21
Kobe BryantKobe Bryant Fleer Ultra #52 Base Raw15$17.75 $20.57
Shaedon SharpeShaedon Sharpe Prizm #250 Silver Raw14$20.00 $27.00
Jalen GreenJalen Green Prizm #306 Base Raw14$18.29 $3.23
Anthony EdwardsAnthony Edwards Optic #151 Base Raw14$2.52 $3.03
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Hoops #21 All-Star PSA 1013$102.95 $114.43
Shaquille O'NealShaquille O'Neal Fleer Ultra #328 Base Raw13$3.25 $3.00
Vince CarterVince Carter Topps Base Raw13$3.84 $4.40
Luka DoncicLuka Doncic Prizm #280 Base PSA 1013$222.38 $241.42
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Fleer #17 Base Raw13$50.50 $54.97
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Fleer Ultra #30 Base Raw13$2.75 $4.22
Chet HolmgrenChet Holmgren Prizm #266 Base Raw13$5.83 $4.78
Anthony EdwardsAnthony Edwards Prizm #258 Green Raw12$59.00 $66.74
Jaden IveyJaden Ivey Mosaic #7 Stained Glass (SSP) Raw12$244.50 $195.31

What else stands out among the other cards on the list?

Any Victor Wembanyama rookie card will be one to watch, and it’s worth nothing that his entry on the list as the 4th highest is his Topps Now card as a PSA 10, selling 29 times over the last 7 days (for $65.47 on average). This is ahead of Wembanyama’s Bowman’s Best University #51 Refractor (Raw; 26 sales).

Other things to note—Dennis Rodman’s raw Fleer rookie is #11 on the list, and has increased in value from $18.83 to $24.79. Chet Holmgren is probably the most unproven player within the top 20 cards, with his silver Prizm rookie selling 18 times for around $44.68. Austin Reaves is up there too, with his Prizm rookie selling 19 times for around $5 on average.

Other young games round out the bottom of the list, and if there are any expected to pick up in volume when the seasons gets closer to kicking off, it’s these:

  • Pablo Banchero Prizm #249 Silver
  • Jaden Ivey Prizm #256 Silver
  • Shaedon Sharpe Prizm #250 Silver
  • Jalen Green Prizm #306

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