Hottest NBA Basketball Cards Right Now [March 2024]

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The hottest basketball cards right now include a number of different Victor Wembanyama cards: 2023 Prizm #136, 2023 Prizm Monopoly #81, 2023 Donruss #220, and 2023 Hoops #277. This is based on the number of sales according to the Market Movers catalog and data from the last 7 days (as of 1/8/24).

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We are getting deeper into the NBA season, and that’s obvious in the volume of card sales over the last 14 days, and things are heating to a boil with the Spurs big man—many of the top slots all begin to Victor Wembanyama, and in fact, all 10 spots of the top 10 belong to him. (proving that Panini Instant cards can be valuable).

Here is the entire list of 25 hot basketball cards based on sales volume over the last 7 days:

  1. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm #136 Base Raw 1628 Sales
  2. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm Monopoly #81 Base Raw 1186 Sales
  3. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Donruss #220 Base Raw 1059 Sales
  4. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Hoops #298 Tribute Raw 411 Sales
  5. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Hoops #277 Base Raw 406 Sales
  6. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm Draft Picks #2 Base Raw 396 Sales
  7. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm #1 Deep Space Raw 356 Sales
  8. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm #3 Instant Impact Raw 349 Sales
  9. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm #12 Emergent Raw 298 Sales
  10. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Donruss #1 The Rookies Raw 297 Sales
  11. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Donruss #1 Magicians Raw 280 Sales
  12. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm #2 Global Reach Raw 267 Sales
  13. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Donruss #10 Great X-Pectations Raw 238 Sales
  14. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Hoops #277 Base PSA 10 212 Sales
  15. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Donruss #29 Franchise Features Raw 209 Sales
  16. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm Monopoly #81 Purple Wave Raw 202 Sales
  17. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Donruss #220 Holo Green Laser Raw 193 Sales
  18. Anthony Edwards 2020 Prizm #258 Base Raw 192 Sales
  19. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm #136 Ice Raw 191 Sales
  20. Brandon Miller 2023 Prizm #152 Base Raw 167 Sales
  21. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Prizm #7 Luck of the Lottery Raw 164 Sales
  22. Brandon Miller 2023 Prizm Monopoly #15 Purple Wave Raw 149 Sales
  23. Brandon Miller 2023 Prizm #152 Ice Raw 126 Sales
  24. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Hoops #298 Tribute PSA 10 125 Sales
  25. Victor Wembanyama 2023 Hoops #26 Arriving Now Raw 124 Sales

What else stands out among the other cards on the list?

Any Victor Wembanyama rookie card will be one to watch, as will rookie cards from any budding superstar like Tyrese Haliburton who is certainly coming into his own. In fact, it’s amazing that there only sprinkles of NBA legends like Michael Jordan, while players like Jaime Jaquez Jr., SGA, Chet Holmgren, and Anthony Edwards reach for the top of the list.

Also, there isn’t one Lebron James card to be found, and while Bronny has had up two different entries at any one time with his 2023 Topps Chrome McDonald’s All-American cards (#68 Action Shots and #20 Photoshoot, respectively), they aren’t anywhere to be found now that the college season has gotten under way and his name has faded from headlines.

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And for those following the ever-going seesaw battle between Zion and Morant, one is present on this list while the other recently received devastating injusry news and will be out for the rest of the year.

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