How Long Does it Take StockX to Ship?

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If you’re like me, you’ve scoured the web and different baseball card apps to find all the options when it comes to where to buy cards.

Through your searches, you may have stumbled across StockX, which, unless you are big on sneakers, might not have ever heard of before.

Basically, StockX is a platform for “sneakers, streetwear, trading Cards, handbags, watches” and more. As a buyer, you can go on right now and make a purchase just like you would from other online marketplaces. And similar to eBay you can submit offers, and the seller can raise or lower their price based on your offers, the market, etc.

With cards, you can purchase either sealed wax or slabbed singles.

But given all of that, what is the process when you actually make a purchase? As you know, you might be able to get cards on Amazon the next day, where if you order them from Target, you might have to wait a week. And those on eBay? It really depends on the seller and your proximity, right?

How Long Does it Take StockX to Ship?

When you buy something from StockX, the seller of the item must first ship the item to StockX for authentication. These initial shipping deadlines vary by product category. For example, new release sneakers must ship within 3 business days where many other items must ship within 2 business days.

In addition, StockX takes about 1-2 business days to authenticate items – if all goes smoothly – before shipping them to you as the buyer.

Finally, when an item ships to you, you can expect normal carrier shipping times through services like UPS.

So depending on when the original seller ships the item to StockX along with how quickly StockX can authenticate, it should take about 3-5 days for StockX to ship your item.

Real-Life Shipping Example

To illustrate, here are some real-life shipping examples I’ve experienced as both a buyer and a seller on StockX.

As a buyer:

Purchase: I purchased a lot of four 2020 Bowman Mega Boxes on Friday, 6/19/2020.
Seller Shipment: I got an email Monday, 6/23/2020 saying the boxes were en route to StockX.
StockX Shipment: I got an email Wednesday, 6/25/2020 saying the boxes were shipped from StockX.
Received: I received the boxes on Monday, 6/29/2020.

So, it took about one business day for the seller to ship to StockX, and then two business days after that for StockX to ship. In this example, it took StockX about 3 business days to ship.

As a seller:

Sold: I sold a Vladimir Guerrero 2019 Topps NNO PSA 9 on Friday, 9/18/2020.
My Shipment: I don’t remember! And I can’t find record of exactly when I shipped.
StockX Shipment: Again, not sure, but I received payout on Wednesday, 9/23/2020.

So, in this scenario, it probably took StockX, again, about 3 business days to ship.

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