All About That Mike Piazza Rookie of The Year Card We All Have in Our Collection

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The Rembrandt Ultra-Pro Mike Piazza Rookie of the Year card set is a six-card collection featuring the then-young Los Angeles Dodgers catcher in various baseball and non-baseball poses. According to Trading Card Database, the cards were distributed one per box of Rembrandt Ultra-Pro 9-pocket pages. TCDB also notes that cards #1-5 have a print run of 100,000, while card #6 was printed in lesser quantity of 20,000.

Are These Cards Valuable?

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Unfortunately, thanks to the large print runs, the cards aren’t worth much, and that includes card #6. For example, the lates six-card set sold on eBay for $4.99 shipped. There are graded versions of the card as well, and these could potentially be worth more, but there haven’t been any recent sales, so I can’t imagine there is much demand.

While cool, many of these “oddball” type cards that aren’t issued by major card companies don’t sell for much, but many collectors, myself included, enjoy seeing something different and off the wall.

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