All About the PSA Express Service Level

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If I had a nickel for every time I mentioned that getting cards graded could be an overwhelming experience, I’d have about 87 pennies by now. And while I definitely don’t disagree, especially if you’ve never done it before, how PSA grading works is really much easier than most make it out to be.

One of those hurdles is simply figuring out which grading company to go with, and then from there, which service suits you best. Well, today I’ve narrowed it down for you, and will be rolling through everything you need to know about the PSA Express level.

What is PSA Express Service?

PSA Express is a 5-day card grading service for cards with a declared value of less than $2,499. The cost is $150 per card, and the 5-day quote is an estimate, meaning a card might take longer to be graded:

What is Declared Value?

Declared value is how much you think a card will be worth after it has been graded. Meaning, if you’re submitting a card thinking it will receive a 10, what does that 10 grade do to the value of the card?

Is PSA Express the Fastest Option?

PSA Express is PSA’s 3rd-fastest grading option behind Super Express ($300/card for 3-day turnaround) and in-person grading for $600. You can also opt for a relatively quick turnaround with PSA’s regular service (10 days) for half the cost ($75).

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When Should You Use PSA Express?

PSA Express is typically utilized for cards that would benefit from a fast turnaround, which might include new releases and cards that might see a large uptick in value over a relatively short time. Say, like right before a particular big game.

Thus, if you’re looking to sell your graded cards, and you want to hit the market before volume increases, PSA Express might make sense.

Of course, the value needs to be there as well! If you’re paying $150 for a card grading service, you obviously want to ensure the outcome of the grading experience will result in enough value to turn a profit. Not to mention that you’re always leaving things to chance, and could very well end up with less value if your card is determined to be anything but gem mint, as is the case of a PSA 8 or even 9.

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That said, there are many reasons for grading a card, and some of them revolve around keeping a card in your collection. If that’s the case, some might opt for a faster service because they simply don’t want a prized PC card out of their hands for longer than 10 days.

Can You Track Cards Once Submitted?

Every card submitted for grading – including those at the Express level – are able to be tracked through the various PSA grading stages.

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