7 Sites to Find Graded Cards for Sale

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Hopefully, many of you remember what it was like shopping for cards way back when. You had the local card shop, cards at estate sales, flea markets, and Goodwill, basically.

Today? The world of online card shops is vast, with some offering a little bit of everything, while others specializing in one specific area.

So, let’s dive into the best, most popular, and generally well-known sites where you can find graded cards for sale.

1. Alt

I talk about buying and selling cards on Alt a lot, so no surprise to find a mention of them here. I also have them pretty high up because they only offer graded cards, seem to be growing, and have a nice and clean site and app.

While Alt has a ton of high-end card masterpieces, there are plenty of cards for all budgets. Alt is also one of the few spots to buy graded cards on this list that offers a “Vault” experience, which means you can buy and store your cards in the Alt vault, or you can relist cards immediately or at any time, or, of course, ship them home.

If $25 in free card credit will help you get started, go to Alt.xyz (this is my $25 credit referral link) or download the app. Click on the “sign up” link on the top navigation, and then create a free account by collecting your name, email, username, and password. You’ll have to make a deposit to receive the credit (and I will too, so thank you!).

2. 4 Sharp Corners

First of all, great name! Second of all, a ton of graded cards available for purchase. What I personally like about the site is that it’s full of cards you just don’t see many places.

Meaning, it’s not just the mainstream catalog you can find on other sites, but also names and cards you wouldn’t expect to be graded.

I also like the search feature, which makes it easy to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Give it a shot, and I’d say you’ll probably find something no matter how obscure the search.

3. My Slabs

Relatively new, My Slabs burst onto the scene offering some great perks for both buyers and sellers, including a “Disruptive pricing model highlighted by a 1% seller fee on slabs and 3% on raw” for sellers and “All sellers must apply, go through screening, and be manually approved” for buyers.

Is it a perfect system? Nothing is, but I do like that MySlabs seems dedicated to making their platform a safe one.

4. Amazon

Yes, that Amazon! I’m still a bit amazed that to this day so many are surprised to learn that Amazon sells sports cards, and graded ones at that! Like any platform, pricing and finding deals is hit or miss, but it’s a good spot to check when you feel like all of your other options have been exhausted.

5. eBay

I mean, I don’t think I could ever put a post together about where to find cards and not mention eBay. It was basically the first site that made finding specific cards possible, has grown as the hobby has, and continues to innovate with things like the PWE (eBay Standard Envelope), their own vault experience, and more.

Thus, like with any card, if you want to find something slabbed, eBay might be your very first and only stop. (Per the above there are 1,700,000+ results for “PSA” in the sports trading card category.)

On the other hand, if you’re looking to find a steal, you might want to stick to digging around other sites that might not be as competitive.

6. StarStock

Yes, StarStock is still very much alive and functioning, and accepting cards, putting them on their platform, and selling. In fact, they’ve moved to exclusively only accepting graded cards from here on out.

I lead with that bit because for those who don’t know StarStock burst onto the scene and seemed to have some really positive momentum building as a major card platform. But things then started to slow, and while you don’t hear much about StarStock as of late (I mean, their last tweet was in March 2022), it’s still an active marketplace.

7. StockX

There was a wild time in cards during the pandemic where things were happening so quickly you couldn’t keep cards or platforms straight. So with StarSTOCK and STOCKx both popping up as card buying and selling sources there was a bit of confusion.

But, the platforms really couldn’t be any more different. While StarStock was built for cards, StockX was built for shoes and then incorporated cards. And mostly being known for sealed wax, still offers a number of different graded cards for sale.

StockX is all graded cards only and operates on a “lowest ask” and “best offer” system. So, as a buyer, you can see the lowest price set by any seller for a particular card, and then the highest offer made by any buyer.

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