The COMC App is Finally Here

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I don’t like to say “finally” because I think people use it too often (my PSA submission finally arrived or I finally got my redemption back from PSA), so when I say COMC finally has an app, take that as a big deal.

And it’s not just me—the sports card trading community has been eagerly awaiting the release of the COMC app, and it’s finally here.

As a seasoned user of the COMC platform, I’ve been dissecting and exploring the app’s features and functionalities. While I feel like there are still plenty of holes to poke and benefits to leverage, let’s go through what I’ve found so far.

The Highlights

The app can be best summarized as the website experience wrapped up into a more efficient mobile app, which is great. While dated, there was/is a lot to love about the site.

Effortless Deal Scanning

I personally use COMC to flip sports cards for the sake of profit. So, I’m happy to say the app’s interface is designed for quick and efficient deal scanning. Gone are the days of cumbersome searches, and now, with just a few taps, I can identify and capitalize on the best deals available. Meaning, you can easily see the card for sale, a photo scan of it, and all of the relevant details including whether it’s a rookie or not, serial numbered, and more.

Retaining Desktop Capabilities

Instead of going through them all, I’ll use a blanket statement to say the app ensures that users don’t miss out on any of the desktop version’s functionalities. All the sorting and filtering capabilities that I’ve come to rely on as a buyer are seamlessly integrated into the app, making the transition from desktop to mobile smooth.

Saved Searches and Sellers

One thing I find myself using a ton more with the mobile app, and thus is one of the standout features of the app is the ability to save card query searches and sellers. This is not just a convenience but a strategic tool. With the ‘Recent Searches’ and ‘Saved Searches’ features, I can quickly revisit previous searches or keep tabs on specific sellers, ensuring I never miss out on a potential deal.

As a use case, when I search for deals, I usually sort by “recently added” and then spend a few minutes refreshing. I’ll do this a few times per day, which means I’m missing out on a ton of new cards that are hitting the site. Thus, I’ll save searches for players I like to fit, like Rickey Henderson and Kirby Puckett, along with a few sellers who typically offer nice deals.

Streamlined Transactions

On a similar note of mimicking the desktop experience, the app has successfully replicated the desktop site’s transactional ease. Whether I’m making an offer, sending a card to auction, or any other activity, the process is intuitive and user-friendly.

Areas for Enhancement

I say “enhancement” because the app is still new, and yes, while there could be improvements, it’s off to a great start.

Bugs in the ‘Recently Added’ Section

A notable glitch I encounter is in the ‘recently added’ section. When extending the page to see additional cards, the same set of cards often reappeared – or a portion of them – forcing me to scroll repeatedly to find new additions. Meaning, I’ll refresh the list and see 10 more cards I just scrolled through, and then the five new cards beneath them. This redundancy can hinder the user experience and needs prompt attention.

Push Notification Issues

The app promises real-time push notifications for saved searches and more (or at least it gives the option to receive push notifications), a feature that could significantly enhance user engagement. However, despite setting up notifications, I haven’t received any. I feel like this is a big miss.

Inventory Purchase Limitations

The app restricts users from buying directly from their inventory. I don’t think this is on purpose, but for instance, if I notice a card in my inventory that I purchased for $5 and there’s a similar one available for $3, the app doesn’t allow a direct purchase from that screen. Instead, I have to navigate to the search section, which can be time-consuming.

Lack of Purchase Context on Offers

A feature I greatly appreciate on the desktop site is the visibility of my purchase history on a particular card when I receive an offer. This context is invaluable in making informed decisions, especially when determining profitability. Its absence on the app is a significant oversight.

For example, if I have a card listed for $20, I might receive an offer for $10. Without remembering whether I paid $5 or $15 for the card, it’s difficult to make the decision to accept, counter, or reject.

Viewing Preferences

The app’s design focuses on a single card view (similar to which, while clear, lacks the broader perspective offered by the ‘3 across view’ on the COMC desktop site. This layout allowed for quicker comparisons and a more comprehensive view of available cards. Coupled with the above “bug” to have to sift through the same cards over and again just to see new ones, it feels like there are deals being lost.

Sales History Gap

On the seller side, the app currently doesn’t provide a feature to view sales history. On the desktop site, I can effortlessly see the last five cards I sold, a feature that offers insights into sales trends and buyer preferences. That doesn’t exist, nor can I even see that a card has been sold. The only indicator of a sale is seeing your COMC credit balance increase.

Additional Features Worth Noting

In the midst of COMC unveiling their app, there were a few other big announcements.

Third-Party Grading: COMC has partnered with premier third-party grading services, allowing users to submit cards for grading directly through the app. This integration simplifies the grading process and ensures that cards are handled with care. The big news, though, is that PSA is an option.

Promotions and Giveaways: To celebrate the app’s launch, COMC is offering exciting giveaways, including a chance to win $1,500 at the National Sports Collectors Convention. Such promotions not only incentivize app downloads but also foster community engagement.

Live Breaks: Last, in addition to buying singles through the site and app, you can now buy into live breaks with three different approved breakers. I’ve yet to try this, but the idea is you can break and then have your cards directly submitted to COMC, which means you never have to handle them.

App’s Away!

The COMC app is a significant leap forward for the sports card trading community. It encapsulates the essence of the COMC platform while introducing mobile-specific features. While there are areas that need refinement, the app’s potential is undeniable. With continued updates and user feedback, it’s poised to redefine mobile card trading.

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