Topps Release Schedule [Updated July 2022]

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Anticipation is at the root of the sportscard hobby and business. What’s inside the sealed wax you’re about to open? What grade are you going to get back from PSA?

And then of course—when are we going to see Topps flagship, or Archives, Inception, Heritage, and many other products?

November 2022 Update: In case you haven’t heard Topps just announced their MVP Buyback offer, which means you can now redeem Aaron Judge and Paul Goldschmidt cards from 2022 Topps Chrome to participating local card shops for $20 in store credit! There is a ton more to know, so be sure to check it out.

So with that, here is the updated Topps release schedule as a searchable and sortable table for you to keep tabs on the latest products to soon hit the shelves. (And for any big releases that are still TBD, like 2022 Topps Chrome, look under the table for recent tweets and updates.)

1/6/20222021 Topps Baseball UK EditionTBDTBD
1/11/20222021 Topps Chrome Update Series BaseballTBDTBD
2/15/20222022 Topps Series 1 Baseball 1st EditionTBDTBD
2/16/20222022 Topps Series 1 BaseballTBDTBD
2/16/20222022 Topps Baseball Silver Pack Chrome PromoTBDTBD
2/24/20222022 Topps X Aaron Judge Curated BaseballTBDTBD
3/9/20222022 Topps Opening Day BaseballTBDTBD
3/11/20222022 Topps Heritage BaseballTBDTBD
3/23/20222021 Topps Chrome Update Series Sapphire Edition BaseballTBDTBD
3/25/20222022 Topps Spotlight 70 II By Andy Friedman BaseballTBDTBD
3/30/20222022 Topps Inception BaseballTBDTBD
4/20/20222022 Topps Archives Signature Series Active Player Edition BaseballTBDTBD
4/20/20222021 Topps Big League BaseballTBDTBD
5/10/20222022 Topps Dynamic Duals BaseballTBDTBD
5/11/20222022 Topps Tribute BaseballTBDTBD
5/18/20222022 Topps Sterling BaseballTBDTBD
5/20/20222022 Topps Gypsy Queen BaseballTBDTBD
6/10/20222022 Topps Series 2 BaseballTBDTBD
6/18/20222022 Topps X MLB Players Exclusive Baseball PromoTBDTBD
6/29/20222021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary BaseballTBDTBD
7/6/20222022 Topps Definitive Collection BaseballTBDTBD
7/13/20222022 Topps Archives Signature Series Retired Player Edition BaseballTBDTBD
7/13/20222022 Topps Pristine BaseballTBDTBD
7/22/20222022 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Derek Jeter BaseballTBDTBD
7/27/20222022 Topps Tier One BaseballTBDTBD
8/3/20222022 Topps Baseball Complete Factory SetTBDTBD
8/10/20222022 Topps Heritage High Number BaseballTBDTBD
8/10/20222022 Topps Luminaries BaseballTBDTBD
8/24/20222022 Topps Clearly Authentic BaseballTBDTBD
8/31/20222022 Topps Five Star BaseballTBDTBD
8/??2022 Topps Chrome BaseballTBDTBD
8/??2022 Topps Finest BaseballTBDTBD
9/7/20222022 Topps Museum Collection BaseballTBDTBD
9/9/20222022 Topps NPB Nippon Professional BaseballTBDTBD
9/28/20222022 Topps Allen & Ginter BaseballTBDTBD
9/30/20222022 Topps Pro Debut BaseballTBDTBD
9/??2022 Topps Gold Label BaseballTBDTBD
9/??2022 Topps Gilded Collection BaseballTBDTBD
10/12/20222022 Topps Update Series BaseballTBDTBD
10/12/20222022 Topps Archives BaseballTBDTBD
11/2/20222022 Topps Cosmic Chrome BaseballTBDTBD
11/9/20222022 Topps Heritage Minor League BaseballTBDTBD
11/23/20222022 Topps Triple Threads BaseballTBDTBD
TBD2022 Topps Stadium Club BaseballTBDTBD
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