What is a Blaster Box in Card Collecting?

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When it comes to card collecting, one of the biggest beginner questions is what’s the difference between hobby and retail?

Within that general topic though is the blaster box, and all of the different retail purchasing options really, from single “gravity” packs, to cellos, megas, and more! I mean, it all sounds cool and epic, but what are we talking about here?

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What is a Blaster Box?

A blaster box is a sealed box of cards containing a number of sealed packs. The amount of cards within a blaster box will vary by product, as will the price.

Benefits of Blaster Boxes

One benefit of blaster boxes is that they are typically sold at lower price points compared to buying the same packs individually.

In addition, a blaster box may carry separate odds, with some “guaranteeing” a hit per box.


Last, blaster boxes may also contain blaster-exclusive parallels, or cards only available through that specific blaster, and not attainable via loose packs, hobby boxes, etc.

Where to Purchase Blaster Boxes

Blaster boxes are typically available at “larger” retail locations that sell cards. Meaning, Target and Walmart are known for carrying blaster boxes, while Walgreens may only carry hangers, and Rite-Aid typically offering cellos.

Of course, you can also purchase blaster boxes online through various marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and then of course Target.com and Walmart.com. As mentioned above, some blasters may contain exclusive hits, as is the case with many “Fanatics exclusive” blasters sold on Fanatics.com.

Here is an example of what’s available across the different places to buy cards for a recent release of 2020 Topps Update.

eBay Blasters:

Walmart Blasters

Amazon Blasters

And with that, you should now know what a blaster is, and where to find them! Please be in touch with any questions!