What is the PSA Complete Through Date?

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The PSA complete-through date (CTD for short) is a way for graded card submitters to better understand turnaround times (wait times) how long it takes for cards to be graded, and ultimately when their order might be completed. It provides a level of transparency during a time of backups, delays, and unknown completion times.

As of 8/30/2022, current PSA complete-through dates are as follows:

PSA Dealer Economy (Group Submissions): 1/18/22
Value – Ultra Modern: 5/4/21
Value – Modern: 4/11/21
Value – Vintage: 4/4/21
Value – TCG: 4/14/21
Value – Quarterly Specials: 4/18/21

In terms of turnaround times, here is a quick look in terms of calendar days and how long it takes for cards to get graded.

The PSA Express turnaround time in 2023 is 5 days, with other service levels as follows:

PSA Turnaround Times

Service LevelDeclared ValueEst. Turnaround Time
Value Bulk$499 or less65 Days
Value$499 or less65 Days
Value Plus$999 or less20 Days
Regular$1,499 or less10 Days
Express$2,499 or less5 Days
Super Express$4,999 or less3 Days
Walk-Through$9,999 or less3 Days

According to PSA, the actual complete-through date is calculated as “the day before the date of the oldest open order in the PSA system for that service level.” This is based on the order entry date—that is, the date the order was formally entered into the PSA system.

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So, based on the above, the ultra-modern service level is “caught up” through 5/4/2021. That is, orders submitted on or before 5/4/2021 should be completed, and those after 1/31/2022 are still in the process of being completed.

You also might be wondering what reholder is in reference to. There are times a person might want to update the holder or slab that contains their card. For instance, the holder might be damaged, or, the holder might be of an older look and style.

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