About The Card

What is a rookie card? While today's collectors think it's a difficult debate to sort through, what about 1985 Topps Mark McGwire from way back in the junk wax era? Yes, it's a regular-issue card, which checks one box.

But what about the fact that Mark McGwire didn't make his Major League Baseball debut until August 1986? Either way, most collectors agree that this is in fact McGwire's true RC (compared to 1987 Topps), and in fact, the card is one of the most historically-significant cards in the entire hobby.

This was the first time Team USA was featured in a Topps release, so for it to include one of the biggest home run hitters ever - and an RC no less - is something else. Thus, a nice PSA graded copy will end up in McGwire's most valuable cards.



"Why I say It's iconic... It's an Olympic team. It's red, white, and blue; it's got all the colors. It's got this, you know the 85 Topps set with just that something extra. You know it also had a resurgence when you had that crazy summer of McGwire and Sosa. So you know another generation was exposed to McGwire, and that card was the one folks wen after..."


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