About The Card

It's my personal opinion that the best is yet to come with young Anthony Edwards. Without a true playoff series under his belt, much of the world has yet to really see what Ant is all about.

No matter how things shake out, let's also remember that while base Prizm cards shot to the moon during the pandemic, things have definitely returned to where they should, meaning a PSA 10 of this card will only run...wait, it's still around $80?

Wow, well, needless to say, if you have this card, you might be holding a good one (not to mention a silver PSA 10 will shoot you closer to $500!

Don't forget there is also the image variation of this card, which features Edwards in a black away uniform and dribbling with his left hand.



"In 2020, Anthony Edwards was selected as a first-round pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves, when he entered the league as one of the most promising SGs of his generation. ... Now, like pretty much any card – the card in their NBA jersey is far more collectable than one in their college gear, even though the Draft Picks stuff comes out first. You’ll find several interesting and unique parallels – from more colorful ones to shiny ones and extremely rare ones. But beware – some of those parallels can run at high prices, so if you’re not prepared to dive deep into an Anthony Edwards rookie card, then it’s best to stick with the less expensive ones."



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