Disclaimer: The Vagas card shop information presented below does not represent an endorsement. I have zero experience buying from any of these establishments, nor have I talked to owners. The info is all gathered from their websites, social media profiles, and other public-facing websites, but I always encourage you to do your own research before making any purchases.

Las Vegas—it conjures up images of many different sights and activities, but I’ll be honest…I’m not sure baseball cards are near the top of the list for many people!

But don’t let Vegas’ other attractions fool you into thinking there isn’t a worthy shop around. From Ultimate Sports Cards and Memorabilia in downtown to Legacy in Summerlin, there is a handful of local card stops that make the trip worth it.

Legacy Sports Cards

I wouldn’t say Legacy has a huge Twitter presence from their own profile, but I sure do see a lot of other people making recommendations to go check out Legacy in Vegas. If you do follow them on Instagram (or Twitter), though, it’s fun to see the different big hits their customers are pulling:

And while having a professional sports franchise in Vegas is something we are all still getting used to (not to mention now having the Raiders as well), one benefit for card collectors is the ability to grab autographs from the local team.

All in all, it seems like Legacy has a solid reputation between the positive acclaim per the above, and the 4.3 stars on the 170+ Google reviews as shown below.

The Awesome Card Shop

If you have a name like The “Awesome” Card Shop, it is an inherant duty to provide awesomeness!

Ok, I’ll take “cool!”

Here is something we haven’t talked about much here but that I find intriguing, and was reminded of when surfing Twitter. So it looks like there is a Cardscore kiosk located in The Awesome Card Shop in Las Vegas. If you aren’t familiar with Cardscore, it’s a self-submitting grading kiosk and system that allows collectors to grade in-person and on the spot without having to send cards in, etc.

Anyway, diving deep into the pros and cons is for another post, but it’s cool to see these kiosks popping up in different card shops, especially those in Las Vegas.

Another point of intrigue: AfterPay!? I haven’t fact checked this, but according to the tweet below, The Awesome Card Shop is the “only online card shop to feature AfterPay (which is a “buy now, pay later” option).

The Awesome Card Shop has posted an impressive 4.5 stars on 42 Google reviews:

Ultimate Sports Cards

If the names or faces of Ultimate Sports Cards look familiar, it might be because you recognize Jeremy as the local card expert featured on the hit show Pawn Stars!

Here is a clip where Jeremy was called in to the shop for his expertise on an antique Cy Young:

And this is different—Jeremy hosts a live shopping show online. Yes, it’s great to be able to buy items in real-time, but if you’re researching local card shops near you, what better way to get acquainted with the owner, the items, and the all-around vibe?

Last, let’s end with a happy customer:

All together, Ultimate Sports Cards looks like a great local Vegas shop to try as well: