About the Card

When it comes to rookie cards of 80s and 90s greats, the mind of most football card collectors goes to Topps, right? So then how did we get to the point where this 1989 Score RC of Barry Sanders has become the iconic rookie for the legendary running back? Perhaps it’s the stigma of the Topps Traded set (think Ken Griffey Jr., too). Whatever the reason, if you want a Barry Sanders rookie card, this is the one you’ll want to grab.

“If we look back, we’re gonna find that there were just a lot more Topps sets created than Score. And so this to me is probably – I think part of it’s that profile thing you talked about; it’s just a great image of Barry. Right? The 89 Score, you can just sort of see it, what the card looks like in your mind if you think about it for a second. But I think the other thing here is rarity is a thing; rarity matters, and you know, it’s a higher quality card, better, cleaner stock used on the card clearly than the Topps Traded which was a little bit more grainy, you combine that with being a lot rarer, you can imagine back in the early 90s and then into the mid 90s, people wanted to own the rarer card.”

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