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You know card collecting is your happy place when, no matter what’s going on in life; how hard your day is, how much you have on your plate, etc., that nothing replaces the joy felt in the presence of wax and cardboard.

That feeling brought on by the mere sight of anything card-related—binders, penny sleeves, shoe boxes.

It’s hard to explain to others, right?

Ballcard Genius—a business born from that feeling, and now – through this site – out to ignite the same experiences in newcomers, while helping to keep it alive in those who have been around cards for a while.

And let’s be honest—those with an interest in cards come in all different shapes and sizes in terms of their goals and interests. Some only collect, others buy and sell, some do a bit of both.

The content here tries to speak to all in order to make their card experiences the best they could possibly be.

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