Card Grading Cost Calculator & Info for PSA, Beckett & More [2023 Guide]

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The cost of getting a card graded currently ranges between $15 and $300 depending on the grading company, desired turnaround time, and value of the card. Meaning, the cost to grade a card depends on many different variables, making it a difficult question to definitively answer. Generally, the cost to grade a card for the average individual is going to be around $25 give or take.

Card Grading Cost Calculator

To help you find the best service, I’ve created this calculator.

  • Input your declared value (how much the card will be worth after grading)
  • Enter your desired turnaround time (in how many days do you want it returned)

From the results, you can click the provided link to verify the info and get started with the respective grader! This is the first iteration, so please let me know if you see any errors or have suggestions.

Card Grading Calculator

Please note: Due to the regularly changing details and price updates from each of the card grading services, some of the information below may be out of date from time to time. Thus, if you’re considering grading your cards and weighing the costs of each service, please consult each company website directly for the most accurate information. This latest update is as of September 7, 2023.

Now, if you’ve never graded a card before, the process can seem daunting and overwhelming, right? I mean, you’re basically sending off what is presumably a valuable card – either monetarily or in terms of worth to your personal collection, or both – to someone else for handling.

If that wasn’t enough, there are certain “rules” and guidelines to follow when doing so—pack the card this way, put this barcode here, write this on the outside of the box. Declare the value by guessing, oh, and we actually aren’t going to charge you until we send the card back.

And we haven’t even gotten into the wait times and lack of transparency, especially these days.

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All of that said, grading cards can still be an enjoyable experience. Should you get your cards graded? The full answer requires another day and time, but cost is a big piece of that equation, so let’s jump in.

Card Grading Costs by Company

As you can see, you can’t get cards graded for free. And if you do in fact want the cheapest card grading service, you really have to think through what that means for the value of your card. If it’s a PC card and you just want something slabbed for the collection, then it really doesn’t matter.

But, if your goal is to resell, while you might pay less upfront to have a card graded, you’ll most likely be leaving money on the table when it comes time to sell.

The best way to figure out how much it will cost to get your card graded is to start with the grading company. Meaning, figure out which company you want grading your card and then dive into how much it might cost to get it done.

Outside of the actual grading cost, some people also “prep” their cards for grading. In full transparency, I’ve sent in a few cards to be graded and I can’t say I’ve ever “prepped” them with additional products, so please do your research here, but here are some items others suggest:

This card grading kit seems to have all of the above and then some, like handling gloves and more. It’s currently $35.99:

PSA Grading Cost Per Card

To grade cards with PSA:

  • Value Bulk: $19/card
  • Value: $25/card
  • Value Plus: $40/card
  • Regular: $75/card
  • Express: $150/card
  • Super Express: $300/card
  • Walk-Through: $600/card

Keep in mind there are a number of other PSA services depending on your needs. For instance, to get a card reslabbed or as PSA refers to it a “reholder” (put in a new case), the cost of standard cards and tallboys is $10/card (turnaround times vary).

You can also choose to get a card authenticated and slabbed, but not graded, as you can see from the options below:

As of July 2023, you can also grade your cards directly through COMC.com and the COMC app. Prices ar bit higher, but you’re also getting the convenience of not having to handle the cards from start to finish.

BGS Grading Cost

To grade cards with Beckett:

  • Base: $22/card (60+ business days)
  • Standard: $40/card (10-20 business days)
  • Express: $140/card (2-5 business days)
  • Next Day: $400/card (1 business day)
  • Immediate: $500/card (same-day

Note that prices are less if wanting a grade without subgrades.

You might also see BCCG cards floating around, which is also a Beckett grading operation, but separate from BGS. Learn more about what a BCCG 10 is when compared to PSA, BGS, and others.

SGC Grading Cost

To grade cards with SGC:

5-10 business day turnaround:

Read more: What is “A” With SGC Grading?

Quick note—as you can see, it’s not that SGC is the cheapest card grader around, but the combination between affordability and lightning quick turnaround is a big draw for some people.

HGA Grading Cost

To grade cards with HGA:

  • Best Value: $20/card, 60 business days
  • Popular: $35/card, 30 business days
  • Very Fast: $50/card, 10 business days (1-20 cards)
  • Fastest: $75/card, 2 business days (1 to 20 cards)

ISA Grading Cost

Here is a look at how a company like ISA compares to PSA:

  • $20/card for 20 business days
  • $28/card for 5 business days
  • $45/card for 2 business days

All in all, there are more grading options than ever, so let your answer to the “why” help guide your decision.

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