BCCG Serial Number Lookup

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To look up a BCCG serial number, follow these steps.

  1. Go to https://www.beckett.com/grading
  2. Under “Verify Certificate” enter the serial number on the slab
  3. Click the BCCG radio button
  4. Check the captcha “I’m not a robot” checkbox
  5. Click “Submit Now”

After doing so you’ll see a screen like this where you can verify the card information matches the serial number of the card in question.

The information includes:

  • Set Name
  • Player Name
  • Date Graded
  • Final Grade

More About BCCG

We’ve also covered BCCG slabs a bit on this blog, so here are some things to know just in case you have additional questions.

What is BCCG?

Beckett Collector’s Club Grading, or BCCG for short is a grading method, process, and option from Beckett Grading Services. However, and as you can probably assume from the above radio button selection, BCCG is completely separate from BGS and BVG.

When it comes to card grading in general the biggest difference with BCCG is that it follows a much different card grading scale than other card grading companies.

Meaning, when comparing a BCCG 10 vs. PSA, one the values of the same card in each of these slabs are going to be drastically different. But that’s not only because of PSA being one of the market leaders along with BGS. In fact, a BCCG 10 is labeled as “mint or better” while a PSA 10 graded to be a “gem mint” card.

Where Do You Find BCCG Cards?

As a casual collector, most of the time you’re probably going to see BCCG slabbed cards pop up either on eBay, or in repack product like we talk about here with Gems of the Game.

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