What is Request Sub on Topps Redemptions?

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The Topps redemption “request sub” button is an option presented to those who have submitted a card redemption request after a certain amount of time. If clicked, “request sub” allows the submitter to request a substitute card for the one they redeemed. Utilizing the option is a bit of a gamble because there isn’t any promise the card or cards received as replacements will match the value of the card you were originally waiting to be fulfilled.

Listen—it’s a tough position to find yourself in, and the situation only gets more complex the higher the value of the card you’re trying to get redeemed. Meaning if you submit for a card that might be $20 or so, you might not think twice about taking your chances with the “request sub” replacement. But what if it’s a $100 card? Or a $1,000 card?

(It’s not unlike the Panini White Box conundrum!)

While every situation is different, and you never know how long a redemption might take, here are some thoughts and opinions from those who have had to face the decision of waiting it out, or requesting a sub.

When Does the “Request Sub” Option Become Available?

As mentioned, there might not be an exact timeline, and the option to request a substititute might come sooner than later in some instances.

A “few months” seems to be the going rate for redemption cards and the request sub button, with some mentioning the fact that they saw the option to request a sub after 3 months or so.

What Happens if You Request the Sub?

First of all, many people choose to request a substitute card or cards because they are simply tired of waiting for their original card to be redeemed. The sad thing is, even after requesting a sub, people still find themselves waiting.

What Happens if You Wait Things Out?

From this helpful thread on Twitter, we see a lot of responses along the lines of “don’t request the sub and just wait longer.” Meaning, if you really want the card you’re trying to redeem, it could still be a reality even when presented with the “request sub” option.

From what I’ve seen, the general consensus is to wait it out, and the option to request a sub doesn’t mean that the original card will never be filled. It just might take months (even years?).

What Cards Can You Expect as Substitutes?

Again, there isn’t a clear answer here unfortunately. I’ve seen some really terrible substitute cards that don’t come close to the value of the original card being redeemed, and I’ve seen others that are closer to “wins.” Similarly, sometimes the replacement is the same player but a card from a different set, but other times there might be no relation whatsoever.

Do you have any redemption and/or sub request stories? Would love to hear from you!

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