Does CVS Sell Sports Cards?

Ryan Barone
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CVS sells sports cards, including major brands (Topps and Panini) and non-sports cards (Pokemon). These cards can be found in the toy aisle and sometimes up by the register. The types of cards being sold include hangers, along with repack boxes from Fairfield Collectibles, and others.

While every CVS is different, here are the details to consider when shopping for sports cards at your local store.

Where to Find Sports Cards at CVS

As mentioned above, if a CVS has cards they’ll be found in the toy aisle, typically with a few dedicated hooks. I’ve also seen cards up front by the cash register. As far as I know, cards are still out in the open, but if you don’t find them at your local store, you might want to check behind the counter (which is where some Walgreens stores have moved them).

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Types of Card Packs & Boxes

At CVS, you’ll find a variety of different types of cards, including jumbo packs like this:

Also a popular find are these “repack” boxes which typically include loose cards and a random sealed pack or two.

Sometimes they come in the “windowed” variety where you can see the “best” card, which is being shown off as a chaser. Here you see a Joe Burrow Rated Rookie—not bad!

While you shouldn’t expect to find anything of great value, there are certainly examples of people pulling above-average cards from the internal packs. In a hobby that moves quick, you might be lucky to find hot and in-demand packs in such boxes.

Last, if you want to check online before you venture out, you can certainly do so at CVS.com. Just plug in your zip:

All in all, if you had to choose between finding cards at Walgreens or CVS, I personally have had more luck at Walgreens. But, as the Tweets and YoutTube videos show, there are certainly cards at CVS…you just might have to hit a couple before having any luck.

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