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Yes, more jersey cards, but let’s talk about it—the Jersey Fusion checklist is not from your average baseball card set.

What is Jersey Fusion?

Jersey Fusion is a set of cards that combine classic trading cards and player-worn or player-used memorabilia. While jersey cards are a dime a dozen in today’s card sets, what sets Jersey Fusion apart is that they “add” memorabilia to already-existing cards (or, “fuse” them together).

Your typical run of the mill jersey or relic card will say something along the lines of “congratulations, you’ve received a piece of game-worn material from player XYZ.”

As you can see on the back of the Kevin Durant card in the image above, you’re getting more details:

  • Who: Kevin Durant
  • What: Full Practice All-Star Uniform
  • When: Worn on February 14, 2015
  • More Details: Scan the QR Code

While the above information is cool enough to see, when you scan the QR code, you’re taken to this page, which shows the uniform used for the card, along with the photo match comparison (or certificate of authenticity in some cases).

One other big difference, too…while I’ve never held a Jersey Fusion car in my hands just yet, I’ve seen a few TikTok commenters state that the memorabolia piece isn’t actually a part of the card, and more or leass sits on top of it. You can check out the video and read the comments here:


#greenscreen How do we feel about these Jersey Fusion cards?

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Jersey Fusion Checklists

With all that said, there doesn’t seem to be a traditional checklist breakdown. Meaning, if you go to their site, you have to click through different images to figure out which players are fetured, etc. So, I tried to make things easier for you by compiling this list.

There are multiple Jersey Fusion products, but I’ve only been able to create the Baseball 2022 breakdown so far. Check back later for new releases and additional products!

ak80pPantsKaline, AlBaseball '22
am11asJerseyMcCutchen, AndrewBaseball '22
am513JerseyMcCutchen, AndrewBaseball '22
ao82JerseyOliver, AlBaseball '22
ap01JerseyPujols, AlbertBaseball '22
ap07JerseyPujols, AlbertBaseball '22
ap613JerseyPettite, AndyBaseball '22
ar02PantsRodriguez, AlexBaseball '22
ar1015JerseyRodriguez, AlexBaseball '22
bb07JerseyBonds, BarryBaseball '22
bb94PantsBonds, BarryBaseball '22
bh914JerseyHarper, BryceBaseball '22
bp17uPulloverPosey, BusterBaseball '22
bp917JerseyPosey, BusterBaseball '22
bw96JerseyWilliams, BernieBaseball '22
cb715JerseyBeltran, CarlosBaseball '22
cc19JerseyCorrea, CarlosBaseball '22
cf91JerseyFisk, CarltonBaseball '22
cj07JerseyJones, ChipperBaseball '22
crj01asPantsRipken Jr., CalBaseball '22
crj99jJerseyRipken Jr., CalBaseball '22
crj901PantsRipken Jr., CalBaseball '22
cs811JerseySabathia, CCBaseball '22
cs919JerseySeager, CoreyBaseball '22
cy78JerseyYastrzemski, CarlBaseball '22
dd60Practice ShirtDrysdale, DonBaseball '22
de97JerseyEckersley, DennisBaseball '22
dj03PantsJeter, DerekBaseball '22
dj11PulloverJeter, DerekBaseball '22
dj614JerseyJeter, DerekBaseball '22
dl58PantsLarsen, DonBaseball '22
dp514JerseyPedroia, DustinBaseball '22
ds00JerseySnider, DukeBaseball '22
ds92JerseySnider, DukeBaseball '22
dw93JerseyWinfield, DaveBaseball '22
eb80JerseyBanks, ErnieBaseball '22
el419JerseyLongoria, EvanBaseball '22
em72JerseyMathews, EddieBaseball '22
fr86JerseyRobinson, FrankBaseball '22
frj18JerseyTatis Jr., FernandoBaseball '22
gb83JerseyBrett, GeorgeBaseball '22
gc517JerseyCole, GerrittBaseball '22
gg87JerseyGossage, GooseBaseball '22
gs19JerseySpringer, GeorgeBaseball '22
gt617JerseyTorres, GleyberBaseball '22
hk81JerseyKillebrew, HarmonBaseball '22
ir02JerseyRodriguez, IvanBaseball '22
is01JerseyIchiroBaseball '22
jb02JerseyBeckett, JoshBaseball '22
jb518JerseyBaez, JavierBaseball '22
jb615JerseyBradley, JackieBaseball '22
jb716PantsBaez, JavierBaseball '22
jc94JerseyCarter, JoeBaseball '22
jd45Practice ShirtDimaggio, JoeBaseball '22
jd519JerseyDonaldson, JoshBaseball '22
jh610JerseyHeyward, JasonBaseball '22
jv509JerseyVerlander, JustinBaseball '22
kgj91JerseyGriffey Jr., KenBaseball '22
kgj97PantsGriffey Jr., KenBaseball '22
kp94JerseyPuckett, KirbyBaseball '22
la73JerseyAparicio, LuisBaseball '22
ld63JerseyDurocher, LeoBaseball '22
lg87JerseyGomez, LeftyBaseball '22
mb911JerseyBumgarner, MadisonBaseball '22
mc03JerseyCabrera, MiguelBaseball '22
mm61PantsMantle, MickeyBaseball '22
mm91JerseyMantle, MickeyBaseball '22
mp98JerseyPiazza, MikeBaseball '22
mt13JerseyTrout, MikeBaseball '22
mv00JerseyVaughn, MoBaseball '22
nc72JerseyCash, NormBaseball '22
nr80JerseyRyan, NolanBaseball '22
nr91JerseyRyan, NolanBaseball '22
os94JerseySmith, OzzieBaseball '22
pm97JerseyMolitor, PaulBaseball '22
ra17JerseyAcuna, RonaldBaseball '22
rc85JerseyCarew, RodBaseball '22
rc97JerseyClemens, RogerBaseball '22
rj85JerseyJackson, ReggieBaseball '22
rm20Equipment BagMaranville, RabbitBaseball '22
rp04JerseyPalmeiro, RafaelBaseball '22
rs90JerseySandberg, RyneBaseball '22
ry91JerseyYount, RobinBaseball '22
sm54PantsMusial, StanBaseball '22
ss04JerseySosa, SammyBaseball '22
ss803JerseySosa, SammyBaseball '22
tcsjRobeCobb, TyBaseball '22
tg97gJerseyGwynn, TonyBaseball '22
tg97jJerseyGwynn, TonyBaseball '22
tg98pPantsGwynn, TonyBaseball '22
th00JerseyHunter, ToriiBaseball '22
tl80JerseyLasorda, TommyBaseball '22
ts01JerseySalmon, TimBaseball '22
ts86JerseySeaver, TomBaseball '22
ts87PantsSeaver, TomBaseball '22
tw65JerseyWilliams, TedBaseball '22
vg05JerseyGuerrero, VladimirBaseball '22
wa61JerseyAnson, WalterBaseball '22
wb92JerseyBoggs, WadeBaseball '22
wm78PantsMays, WillieBaseball '22
wmc08JerseyMcCovey, WillieBaseball '22
ws70jJerseyStargell, WillieBaseball '22
yb73PantsBerra, YogiBaseball '22
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