What is the PSA Reholder Fee?

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The PSA reslab fee – also known as the reholder cost – starts at $25/card. Here is the current reslab fee menu as of November 2023:

  • Standard & Tallboy Holders $25/card ($4,999 max declared value)
  • Jumbo Holders $30/card ($4,999 max declared value)
  • Standard, Jumbo & Tallboy Holders $50/card ($19,999 max declared value)

While turnaround times vary with demand and are unstated, you can pay for the following expedited services:

  • $75 for $49,999 max declared value
  • $100 for $99,999 max declared value
  • $250 for $499,999 max declared value
  • $500 for $500,000 or higher declared value

But, what does all of this mean? It can certainly be a little overwhelming for anyone not in the know, so let’s break it down. First…

What is a Reslab?

Reslabbing is actually formally referred to as reholdering, and it is the process of removing a graded card from it’s slab or holder, and placed into a new, updated holder. For instance, the CSG reholder experience has been a popular topic of late given they updated their labels and grading scale.

Why Reslab?

Over time, the look of the PSA label has changed, so one big reason someone might want to reslab is to get their card in the new and updated holder.

Another popular reason to reslab into a new holder is when the orignal holder gets cracked or damaged in any way.

Are Cards Regraded when Reslabbed?

When you submit cards for reslabbing, they are not regraded. It’s important to know that if the holder shows signs of tampering or is the holder is fractured near the card, cards will not be automatically reholdered and instead be examined first to ensure the original grade is still correct.

What is a Standard, Tallboy, and Jumbo Holder?

The standard holder is as the name implies, and holds a normal-sized baseball card.

What is Declared Value?

PSA states declared value as:

“The Declared Value is your estimate of the value of the item after it has been assigned a grade by PSA. … It is important that you spend the time, utilize the available resources, and take the necessary steps to accurately estimate the Declared Value.

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