What Does DLVD Mean in Cards?

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In cards, DLVD is short-hand for delivered. It’s a term that is used when someone is selling a card or cards and wants it to be known that their listed price is the price “delivered” or including shipping. For example, if I say I’m selling this card for $20 DLVD, it means $20 is what you pay total, and not $20 plus an additional unstated amount for shipping.

Scenarios & Examples

Buying cards can be tricky if you’re new to the hobby, and when it comes time to sell, you want to make it easy for buyers to understand their final price. So, along with DLVD, here are some additional shorthand abbreviations and acronyms with which you should get familiar.


“2019 Topps Fernando Tatis RC—$45 DLVD”

As stated above, this simply means you pay $45 total for this card.


“2019 Topps Fernando Tatis RC—$45 DLVD BMWT”

This means you pay $45 for this card, and it will be shipped BMWT, as in bubble mailer with tracking. In my opinion, anything over $10 should probably be shipped BMWT, but safe not to assume.


“2021 Topps Fernando Tatis—$3 DLVD PWE”

In the case of lower-priced cards, you might see “PWE” instead of BMWT, and that stands for plain white envelope. This is a lower-tier shipping option, where your card is placed in the mail like a normal letter in a white envelope.

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As you can imagine, cards aren’t as protected in PWE as they would be BMWT, but at the same time, people don’t want to have to pay more in shipping the card than they do for the card itself.


“2019 Topps Fernando Tatis RC—$45 Shipped BMWT”

This one is a bit more obvious, but still good to know. Instead of saying “DLVD” or delivered, a seller might simply say “shipped.” Both have similar meanings in that the quoted price is in fact the total price you’ll be paying for the card to be shipped to you.

GS (or G&S):

“2019 Topps Fernando Tatis RC—$45 DLVD BMWT GS”

Now things are getting interesting! So we have covered shipping abbreviations, but how about payment? Most transactions on social media and sports card forums will be paid for through PayPal, which offers to payment options, with one being “goods and services” or “GS.”

This type of PayPal payment offers payment protection in case the deal goes sideways on you. I personally prefer to pay goods and services whenever I can regardless of value, but you’l probably want to strongly consider it when purchasing from an unknown party and/or when the card is of higher value.

FF (or F&F):

“2021 Topps Fernando Tatis—$3 PWE FF”

I mentioned GS being one way to pay for cards through PayPal, and the other one is “friends and family” or F&F. As you can tell from the name, this means you basically trust the selling party enough to not need protection on your payment because you’re confident things will go smoothly.

So, hopefully that helps clear things up! Good luck out there.

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