Celesten, De Los Santos, Babe Ruth & Other 2023 Bowman Chrome Chase Cards

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2023 Bowman Chrome is upon us, which means MLB’s hottest prospects are on display—and being chased as boxes are being left and right on Fanatics Live, Loupe, and every live breaking platform available.

(And no, it’s not a typo—Babe Ruth is also one to look for. What?)

Here are the top chase cards out of 2023 Bowman Chrome, in no particular order:

  • Justyn-Henry Malloy, Atlanta Braves
  • Deyvison De Los Santos, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Samuel Basallo, Baltimore Orioles
  • Joey Ortiz, Baltimore Orioles
  • Babe Ruth, Boston Red Sox
  • Johnny Bench, Cincinnati Reds
  • Yoendry Vargas, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Dylan O’Rae, Milwaukee Brewers
  • Luis Lara, Milwaukee Brewers
  • Brandon Mayea, New York Yankees
  • Keiner Delgado, New York Yankees
  • Zack Gelof, Oakland Athletics
  • Felnin Celesten, Seattle Mariners
  • Roberto Clemente, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Ethan Salas, San Diego Padres
  • Rayner Arias, San Francisco Giants
  • Sebastian Walcott, Texas Rangers

Check back as cards start hitting the market for a chart and table on the most valuable cards changing hands.

2023 Bowman Chrome Retrofactors

That’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you—2023 Bowman Chrome is introducing 1st Bowman Chrome “retrofactor” cards for Hall of Famers Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, and Johnny Bench.

And if grabbing one of these beauties wasn’t enough of a chase, Dave & Adam’s is offering a $200,000 bounty on the 1/1 Babe Ruth Superfractor.

2023 Bowman Chrome Magic Boxes

You’ve heard of hot boxes, but 2023 Chrome is introducing the magic box, in which every single card within is either an auto or relic. Per the tweet below, @SportsCardInvestor is reporting less than 12 “magic” boxes exist. Only time will tell if this is as crazy as the Tacofractor.

So, there you have it. Sometimes it only takes a few hundred words to drum up the excitement, and while I was going to wait a bit longer to make a purchase, I might have to grab a quick blaster or two.

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