2023 Mosaic Parallels Guide [Football & Basketball]

Ryan Barone
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Remember the days when collecting sports cards was as straightforward as black and white TV? Vintage cards and the junk wax era, with their simple designs and lack of frills, were the cherished treasures of yesteryears.

Fast forward to today, and it’s a whole new ball game! I don’t hate it—in fact, I’m very much a fan. We just know how far cards have come.

Enter the world of Mosaic, where collecting has taken a shimmering, shining, and sometimes downright blinding turn. And let’s not even get started on the names. From “Neon Green Swirl” to “Peacock Prizm,” it seems like the card world is having a pun-tastic party, and we’re all invited.

To get acquainted, here is a master table of all of the different Mosaic parallels between football, basketball, and baseball, and from the years 2020-2023. The table can be searched and sorted to your heart’s content.

2023FootballMosaic Camo Pink
2023FootballMosaic Camo Red
2023FootballMosaic Choice Red & Green (Rookies only)
2023FootballMosaic Choice Peacock
2023FootballMosaic Genesis
2023FootballMosaic Green
2023FootballMosaic No Huddle Silver
2023FootballMosaic Reactive Blue
2023FootballMosaic Reactive Yellow
2023FootballMosaic Red
2023FootballRed Sparkle
2023FootballWhite Sparkle
2023FootballMosaic Orange199
2023FootballMosaic Blue99
2023FootballBlue Sparkle96
2023FootballMosaic Choice Fusion Red & YellowÊ80
2023FootballMosaic No Huddle Blue75
2023FootballMosaic No Huddle Purple50
2023FootballMosaic Purple49
2023FootballMosaic Orange Fluorescent25
2023FootballMosaic White25
2023FootballGold Sparkle24
2023FootballMosaic No Huddle Pink20
2023FootballMosaic Gold Wave17
2023FootballMosaic Blue Fluorescent15
2023FootballMosaic Tessellation15
2023FootballMosaic Green Swirl11
2023FootballMosaic Pink Swirl11
2023FootballMosaic Gold10
2023FootballMosaic Green Fluorescent10
2023FootballMosaic No Huddle Gold10
2023FootballMosaic Pink Fluorescent10
2023FootballMosaic Red Wave9
2023FootballGreen Sparkle8
2023FootballMosaic Choice Black Gold8
2023FootballMosaic Black1
2023FootballMosaic Choice Nebula1
2023FootballMosaic No Huddle Black1
2022-23BasketballBlue Wave Mosaic
2022-23BasketballGenesis Mosaic
2022-23BasketballGlitter Mosaic
2022-23BasketballGreen Mosaic
2022-23BasketballGreen Ice Mosaic
2022-23BasketballPeacock Choice Mosaic
2022-23BasketballReactive Blue Mosaic
2022-23BasketballReactive Yellow Mosaic
2022-23BasketballRed Mosaic
2022-23BasketballRed and Green Choice Mosaic
2022-23BasketballSilver Fast Break Mosaic
2022-23BasketballWave Red Mosaic
2022-23BasketballWhite Sparkle
2022-23BasketballBlue Mosaic 199
2022-23BasketballPink Mosaic 149
2022-23BasketballPurple Mosaic 99
2022-23BasketballRed and Yellow Fusion Choice Mosaic88
2022-23BasketballBlue Fast Break Mosaic 85
2022-23BasketballPurple Fast Break Mosaic 50
2022-23BasketballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic 25
2022-23BasketballWhite Mosaic 25
2022-23BasketballFusion Green Choice Mosaic 21
2022-23BasketballPink Fast Break Mosaic 20
2022-23BasketballPink Swirl Mosaic FOTL 20
2022-23BasketballGold Mosaic 10
2022-23BasketballGold Fast Break Mosaic 10
2022-23BasketballGreen Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2022-23BasketballPink Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2022-23BasketballWave Gold Mosaic 10
2022-23BasketballBlack Gold Choice Mosaic 8
2022-23BasketballLucky Envelopes 8
2022-23BasketballGreen Swirl Mosaic FOTL 5
2022-23BasketballBlack Mosaic 1
2022-23BasketballBlack Fast Break Mosaic 1
2022-23BasketballNebula Choice Mosaic 1
2021-22BasketballAnniversary Edition Mosaic
2021-22BasketballFast Break Silver Mosaic
2021-22BasketballGenesis Mosaic
2021-22BasketballGold Wave Mosaic
2021-22BasketballGreen Mosaic
2021-22BasketballGreen Ice Mosaic
2021-22BasketballNBA th Anniversary Mosaic
2021-22BasketballPeacock Choice
2021-22BasketballRed Mosaic
2021-22BasketballRed Wave Mosaic
2021-22BasketballWhite Sparkle
2021-22BasketballBlue Mosaic 99
2021-22BasketballRed and Yellow Fusion Choice Mosaic 88
2021-22BasketballFast Break Blue Mosaic 85
2021-22BasketballFast Break Purple Mosaic 50
2021-22BasketballPurple Mosaic 49
2021-22BasketballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic 25
2021-22BasketballWhite Mosaic 25
2021-22BasketballFast Break Pink Mosaic 20
2021-22BasketballPink Swirl Mosaic FOTL 11
2021-22BasketballFast Break Gold Mosaic 10
2021-22BasketballGold Mosaic 10
2021-22BasketballGreen Swirl Mosaic FOTL 10
2021-22BasketballBlack Gold Choice Mosaic 8
2021-22BasketballLucky Envelopes 8
2021-22BasketballBlack Mosaic 1
2021-22BasketballFast Break Black Mosaic 1
2021-22BasketballNebula Mosaic 1
2020-21BasketballBlue Reactive Mosaic
2020-21BasketballCamo Pink Mosaic
2020-21BasketballFast Break Silver Mosaic
2020-21BasketballGenesis Mosaic
2020-21BasketballGold Wave Mosaic
2020-21BasketballGreen Mosaic
2020-21BasketballGreen Reactive Mosaic
2020-21BasketballIce Mosaic
2020-21BasketballOrange Reactive Mosaic
2020-21BasketballPeacock Choice Mosaic
2020-21BasketballRed Reactive Mosaic
2020-21BasketballRed Mosaic
2020-21BasketballWave Red Mosaic
2020-21BasketballYellow Reactive Mosaic
2020-21BasketballBlue Mosaic 99
2020-21BasketballFusion Red and Yellow Choice Mosaic 88
2020-21BasketballFast Break Blue Mosaic 85
2020-21BasketballFast Break Purple Mosaic 50
2020-21BasketballPurple Mosaic 49
2020-21BasketballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic 25
2020-21BasketballWhite Mosaic 25
2020-21BasketballFast Break Pink Mosaic 20
2020-21BasketballBlue Fluorescent Mosaic15
2020-21BasketballPink Swirl FOTL Mosaic 11
2020-21BasketballFast Break Gold Mosaic 10
2020-21BasketballGold Mosaic 10
2020-21BasketballGreen Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2020-21BasketballGreen Swirl FOTL Mosaic 10
2020-21BasketballPink Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2020-21BasketballBlack Gold Choice Mosaic 8
2020-21BasketballLucky Envelopes Mosaic 8
2020-21BasketballBlack Mosaic 1
2020-21BasketballFast Break Black Mosaic 1
2020-21BasketballNebula Choice Mosaic 1
2019-20BasketballCamo Pink Mosaic
2019-20BasketballChoice Peacock Mosaic
2019-20BasketballFast Break Silver Mosaic
2019-20BasketballGenesis Mosaic
2019-20BasketballGreen Mosaic
2019-20BasketballReactive Blue Mosaic
2019-20BasketballReactive Orange Mosaic
2019-20BasketballRed Mosaic
2019-20BasketballBlue Mosaic 99
2019-20BasketballChoice Red Fusion Mosaic 88
2019-20BasketballFast Break Blue Mosaic 85
2019-20BasketballFast Break Purple Mosaic 50
2019-20BasketballPurple Mosaic 49
2019-20BasketballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic 25
2019-20BasketballWhite Mosaic 25
2019-20BasketballFast Break Pink Mosaic 20
2019-20BasketballBlue Fluorescent Mosaic15
2019-20BasketballPink Swirl Mosaic11
2019-20BasketballFast Break Gold Mosaic 10
2019-20BasketballGold Mosaic 10
2019-20BasketballGreen Swirl Mosaic 10
2019-20BasketballPink Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2019-20BasketballChoice Black Gold Mosaic 8
2019-20BasketballBlack Mosaic 1
2019-20BasketballChoice Nebula Mosaic 1
2019-20BasketballFast Break Black Mosaic 1
2018-19BasketballOrange 99
2018-19BasketballPurple 49
2018-19BasketballCamo 25
2018-19BasketballGold 10
2018-19BasketballBlack 1
2022FootballCamo Pink Mosaic
2022FootballGenesis Mosaic
2022FootballGreen Mosaic
2022FootballNo Huddle Silver Mosaic
2022FootballOrange Reactive Mosaic
2022FootballPeacock Choice Mosaic
2022FootballRed Mosaic
2022FootballWhite Sparkle
2022FootballBlue Mosaic 99
2022FootballRed and Yellow Fusion Choice Mosaic 80
2022FootballNo Huddle Blue Mosaic 75
2022FootballNo Huddle Purple Mosaic 50
2022FootballPurple Mosaic 49
2022FootballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic 25
2022FootballWhite Mosaic 25
2022FootballNo Huddle Pink Mosaic 20
2022FootballGold Wave Mosaic 17
2022FootballBlue Fluorescent Mosaic15
2022FootballTessellation Mosaic15
2022FootballGreen Swirl Mosaic11
2022FootballPink Swirl Mosaic 11
2022FootballGold Mosaic 10
2022FootballNo Huddle Gold Mosaic 10
2022FootballRed Wave Mosaic 9
2022FootballBlack Gold Choice Mosaic 8
2022FootballBlack Mosaic 1
2022FootballNebula Choice Mosaic 1
2022FootballNo Huddle Black Mosaic 1
2021FootballBlue Reactive Mosaic
2021FootballGenesis Mosaic
2021FootballGreen Mosaic
2021FootballOrange Reactive Mosaic
2021FootballPeacock Choice Mosaic
2021FootballPink Camo Mosaic
2021FootballRed Mosaic
2021FootballRed Camo Mosaic
2021FootballSilver No Huddle Mosaic
2021FootballYellow Reactive Mosaic
2021FootballBlue Mosaic 99
2021FootballRed and Yellow Choice Fusion Mosaic 80
2021FootballBlue No Huddle Mosaic 75
2021FootballPurple No Huddle Mosaic 50
2021FootballPurple Mosaic 49
2021FootballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic 25
2021FootballWhite Mosaic 25
2021FootballPink No Huddle Mosaic 20
2021FootballGold Wave Mosaic 17
2021FootballBlue Fluorescent Mosaic 15
2021FootballGreen Swirl Mosaic 11
2021FootballPink Swirl Mosaic 11
2021FootballGold Mosaic 10
2021FootballGold No Huddle Mosaic 10
2021FootballGreen Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2021FootballPink Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2021FootballRed Wave Mosaic 9
2021FootballBlack Gold Choice Mosaic 8
2021FootballBlack Mosaic 1
2021FootballNebula Choice Mosaic 1
2021FootballNo Huddle Black Mosaic 1
2020FootballBlue Reactive Mosaic
2020FootballCamo Pink Mosaic
2020FootballGenesis Mosaic
2020FootballGold Reactive Mosaic
2020FootballGreen Mosaic
2020FootballGreen Reactive Mosaic
2020FootballOrange Reactive Mosaic
2020FootballPeacock Choice Mosaic
2020FootballRed Mosaic
2020FootballSilver No Huddle Mosaic
2020FootballWhite Sparkle
2020FootballBlue Mosaic 99
2020FootballFusion Red Choice Mosaic 80
2020FootballBlue No Huddle Mosaic 75
2020FootballPurple No Huddle Mosaic 50
2020FootballPurple Mosaic 49
2020FootballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic 25
2020FootballWhite Mosaic 25
2020FootballGold Fluorescent Mosaic 20
2020FootballPink No Huddle Mosaic 20
2020FootballGold Mosaic 10
2020FootballBlue Fluorescent Mosaic 15
2020FootballGold Wave 17
2020FootballGold No Huddle Mosaic 10
2020FootballPink Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2020FootballBlack Gold Choice Mosaic 8
2020FootballBlack Mosaic 1
2020FootballNo Huddle Black Mosaic 1
2020FootballNebula Choice Mosaic 1
2022BaseballBlue Camo Mosaic
2022BaseballBlue Reactive Mosaic
2022BaseballGenesis Mosaic
2022BaseballGreen Mosaic
2022BaseballOrange Reactive Mosaic
2022BaseballPeacock Choice Mosaic
2022BaseballPink Camo Mosaic
2022BaseballRed Mosaic
2022BaseballRed and Yellow Choice Fusion Mosaic
2022BaseballSilver Prizm
2022BaseballWhite Spark Mosaic
2022BaseballYellow Reactive Mosaic
2022BaseballBlue Mosaic 99
2022BaseballPurple Mosaic 49
2022BaseballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic25
2022BaseballWhite Mosaic 25
2022BaseballBlue Fluorescent Mosaic 15
2022BaseballGreen Swirl Mosaic 12
2022BaseballPink Swirl Mosaic 12
2022BaseballGold Mosaic 10
2022BaseballGreen Fluorescent Mosaic10
2022BaseballPink Fluorescent Mosaic10
2022BaseballBlack Gold Choice Mosaic 8
2022BaseballBlack Holo1
2022BaseballBlack Mosaic1
2022BaseballNebula Choice Mosaic 1
2021BaseballBlue Camo Mosaic
2021BaseballBlue Reactive Mosaic
2021BaseballGenesis Mosaic
2021BaseballGreen Mosaic
2021BaseballOrange Reactive Mosaic
2021BaseballPeacock Choice Mosaic
2021BaseballPink Camo Mosaic
2021BaseballQuick Pitch Silver Mosaic
2021BaseballRed Mosaic
2021BaseballRed Reactive Mosaic
2021BaseballSilver Prizm
2021BaseballWhite Sparkle Mosaic
2021BaseballYellow Reactive Mosaic
2021BaseballBlue Mosaic99
2021BaseballQuick Pitch Blue Mosaic85
2021BaseballRed and Yellow Fusion Choice Mosaic 64
2021BaseballQuick Pitch Purple Mosaic50
2021BaseballPurple Mosaic49
2021BaseballOrange Fluorescent Mosaic25
2021BaseballWhite Mosaic 25
2021BaseballQuik Pitch Pink Mosaic20
2021BaseballBlue Fluorescent Mosaic 15
2021BaseballGreen Swirl Mosaic 11
2021BaseballGold Mosaic10
2021BaseballGreen Fluorescent Mosaic 10
2021BaseballPink Fluorescent Mosaic10
2021BaseballPink Swirl Mosaic 10
2021BaseballQuick Pitch Gold Mosaic10
2021BaseballBlack Gold Choice Mosaic8
2021BaseballBlack Mosaic 1
2021BaseballNebula Choice Mosaic1
2021BaseballQuick Pitch Black Mosaic1

Not the serial numbers, similarities, and differences between the different sports and even within the same sport but across the changing years.

What’s Similar?

Speaking of similarities, which Mosaic parallels are are standard editions or variations that are used across the three different sports (football, basketball, baseball)?

  • Mosaic (Mosaic)
  • Genesis Mosaic
  • Green Mosaic
  • Orange Reactive Mosaic
  • Peacock Choice Mosaic
  • Red Mosaic
  • Silver
  • White Mosaic
  • Blue Mosaic
  • Purple Mosaic
  • Orange Fluorescent Mosaic
  • Blue Fluorescent Mosaic
  • Green Swirl Mosaic
  • Pink Swirl Mosaic
  • Gold Mosaic
  • Green Fluorescent Mosaic
  • Pink Fluorescent Mosaic
  • Black Gold Choice Mosaic
  • Black Mosaic
  • Nebula Choice Mosaic

What’s Unique?

On the other hand, there are a few sport-specific Mosaic parallels that you might want to get acquainted with. (Note I’m at the mercy of the different posted checklists, so if a Mosaic parallel is worded differently but looks the same from one sport to the next, they might show up here as unique.)

Either way, to keep it easy, while there might be other differences, basketball will have “Fast Break” parallels while Baseball will have Quick Pitch parallels; football will have “No Huddle parallels (there is also the Honeycomb parallel).

Parallels to Note

While I would have loved to find a visual resource breaking down the parallels found in Mosaic football or basketball, this video from the Card Closet does a nice job highlighting a few key pieces of info from the baseball sets. I’ll do my best to add a few important notes below along with my commentary.

Silver vs. Base vs. Mosaic

No matter if you’re opening up Topps Chrome and chasing refractors or Mosaic (or any Panini product) and chasing silvers, always do so with caution. Meaning, silver parallels can easily blend in as base chromium cards, especially when you’re flipping through with fast fingers. Silvers are coveted, even in Mosaic, so rip wisely.

And not to confuse, but it’s easy to do with Panini—there are silver prizms, a standalone brand name Prizm, and then silver holos in a brand like Optic (which is a chromium version of Donruss).

Knowing all of that, you need to also know the difference between a silver parallel and a mosaic parallel from the Mosaic brand. A Silver parallel is similar to those you’ll find in Prizm and Select (and closely resembles a Topps Chrome refractor). This card is free of any type of mosaic pattern, and offers a clean silver finish.

Beyond the base silver, though, there is in fact a silver mosaic, but it just goes by the name of “mosaic.” So, this will be a shiny silver card, but with the Mosiac pattern in addition.

(As the video points out, the white mosaic parallel is also visually similar, but just a little more white in color, obviously, and stamped with the /25 serial number on the back of the card.)

Color Vs. Reactive Vs. Camo

Moving into a more colorful territory, Mosaic has three main parallels for a handful of different colors. In this example, we will look at the blue mosaic vs. blue reactive vs. blue camo.

While both the blue mosaic and the blue reactive are blue and similar, the reactive will have a “swirl” or “explosion” that is more easily seen in parts of the card with the straight blue background. Even more difficult, though, is distinguishing the regular blue to the camo blue:

Again, while something like “blue camo” might be a baseball-only parallel, you can take the thinking and identification to other colors in other sports.

Genesis & Nebula

Last but certainly not least, we need to cover both the Genesis and Nebula parallels, yes, because they can appear similar, but also because they hold great value.

First off, we have talked about the Mosaic Genesis parallel and its rarity (and thus value). And while the Nebula might have different colors than the Genesis, their cosmic look and feel can cause confusion. That said, there is no mistaking a Nebula for any other Mosaic parallel because it is in fact the ultimate Mosaic parallel, and is numbered 1/1.

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