Hottest Football Cards Right Now in 2024 [February Update]

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The hottest football cards right now include CJ Stroud 2023 Donruss #339 and 2023 Prizm #339, followed by Puka Nacua 2023 Donruss #357, Anthony Richardson 2023 Prizm 343, and Brock Purdy 2023 Donruss #374. This is based off the total number of sales over the last 7 days as reported by Market Movers from cards in their catalog.

The last update showed the power of the rookie card, and how collectors gravitate toward the Donruss “Rated Rookie” logo. Meaning, it was pretty much the first time all year a non-QB has broken the top 5 (Puka). Now with this week, we see those same players, and even Anthony Richardson above Brock Purdy which is a bit unexpected given Purdy is the only one of those players still standing.

Either way, two of the season’s hottest young quarterbacks in CJ Stroud and Brock Purdy fill out 7 of the top 10 cards on the list. Unsurprisingly, the hobby is quick to jump to the next hot quarterback, and most recently – and most definitely – that is Brock Purdy who is leading the current #1 seed 49ers to the Super Bowl and CJ Stroud who had an amazing rookie campaign (and is feeling love from the latest Donruss release and a playoff win).

Please note: The information that follows is simply commentary on what football cards appear to be hot at the moment. In no way does the mention of a hot football card below serve as a recommendation to buy, nor am I saying these cards will increase in value.

Here is the entire list of the 25 hottest football cards right now (based on number of sales), as of January 18, 2024:

  1. CJ Stroud 2023 Prizm #339 Base Raw, 725 Sales
  2. CJ Stroud 2023 Donruss #339 Base Raw, 383 Sales
  3. Anthony Richardson 2023 Prizm #343 Base Raw, 308 Sales
  4. Puka Nacua 2023 Prizm #357 Base Raw, 305 Sales
  5. Brock Purdy 2022 Donruss #374 Base Raw, 226 Sales
  6. Bryce Young 2023 Prizm #311 Base Raw, 189 Sales
  7. Brock Purdy 2022 Chronicles #PH-36 Photogenic Raw, 185 Sales
  8. Brock Purdy 2022 Chronicles #213 Luminance Update Raw, 183 Sales
  9. Brock Purdy 2022 Chronicles #PA-19 Panini Raw, 178 Sales
  10. CJ Stroud 2023 Mosaic #ND-3 NFL Debut Raw, 158 Sales
  11. Puka Nacua 2023 Donruss #357 Base Raw, 147 Sales
  12. CJ Stroud 2023 Prizm #F-10 Fireworks Raw, 146 Sales
  13. Brock Purdy 2022 Chronicles #41 Base Raw, 143 Sales
  14. Will Levis 2023 Prizm #397 Base Raw, 143 Sales
  15. Brock Purdy 2022 Mosaic #367 Base Raw, 135 Sales
  16. Jahmyr Gibbs 2023 Prizm #331 Base Raw, 134 Sales
  17. Sam LaPorta 2023 Prizm #332 Base Raw, 132 Sales
  18. Brock Purdy 2022 Optic #277 Base Raw, 129 Sales
  19. Brock Purdy 2022 Prizm #353 Base Raw, 124 Sales
  20. Rashee Rice 2023 Prizm #350 Base Raw, 123 Sales
  21. Brock Purdy 2022 Prizm #353 Base PSA 10, 118 Sales
  22. Anthony Richardson 2023 Donruss #343 Base Raw, 117 Sales
  23. CJ Stroud 2023 Prizm #339 Silver Raw, 107 Sales
  24. CJ Stroud 2023 Prizm #339 Lazer Raw, 105 Sales
  25. Brock Purdy 2022 Chronicles #CVR-8 Clear Vision Raw, 103 Sales

Again…see all of those Brock Purdy Panini rookie cards?

Any other surprises? As mentioned, the fact that the list is dominated by rookie quarterbacks shouldn’t be, but this is the first time I can remember seeing Bryce Young up in the top 10 since the beginning of the season (again, new release rookie cards are to thank). It’s also strange to see him above Jordan Love and his huge performance. No older valuable football cards, really, except for one of the most valuable Pro Set cards, Bill Bellichick’s rookie.

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Other than that, perhaps seeing a ton of Rashee Rice? Puka Nacua has been pretty much a mainstay which is impressive in that he’s a WR and not a QB, and Sam LaPorta is also starting to make himself comfortable on the list with a couple of entries.

So, here is the takeaway—hot football cards are usually focused on young quarterback rookie cards; that’s just what the market loves. Yes, a couple of other positions are represented on the list, but just barely between Harrison and others.

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