What is Monopoly Prizm? Parallels & Game Info!

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Monopoly Prizm: NBA Edition is a new collaboration between Panini and Hasbro resulting in a brand new trading card version of the classic board game. The new game features player tokens, new gameplay and board, and unique Prizm cards that affect the outcome. Of course, the game is of interest to collectors who might want to get their hands on the new release and card parallels only found as part of the venture.

“Based on fan insights, we noticed a unique crossover opportunity between individuals who love classic gameplay and card collecting, which ultimately lit the spark to create and bring this innovative trading card element to Monopoly,” said Adam Biehl, Hasbro Gaming’s Senior Vice President and General Manager.


Now, before we get into the details, this right here represents everything people love and hate about the current state of cards. Those who don’t like to see things like this might be called traditionalists who prefer the simple hobby they grew up loving. On the other side of the coin, you have people who absolutely love the innovation and then of course those who see this as another revenue stream.

I’d say I fall into the “I like innovation” crowd but I’ll also say I haven’t purchased any of this product, and thus haven’t sold any of it, and thus, can’t see myself doing so anytime soon.

And, being this is a card blog more than anything, let’s take a look at the hobby specifics.

What Cards Are Included?

Monopoly Prizm cards can be found in the main game and also through booster and blaster boxes.

Main Game

The full game that can be purchased from Target and Amazon ($39.99) includes 16 total cards made up of a single 8-card starter pack and then two 4-card Prizm packs. Of course, you have a chance to pull all the stars you’d expect including Steph Curry and Luka.

Cards exclusive to the game board box include Monopoly Black Classic Icons.

Blaster Boxes (Panini icollect)

In addition, Panini has rolled out 2022-23 Panini Prizm Monopoly blasters that come with 6 packs of 4 cards each.

True to blaster form, there will be 1 blaster-exclusive “Free Parking” parallel per box on average.

“After nearly two years of development and collaboration, we are excited to bring the Monopoly Prizm: NBA game to market,” added Jason Howarth, Panini America’s Vice President of Marketing.


Booster Boxes

Booster boxes also come with 6 packs of 4 cards each ($29.99).

Checklist & Parallels

The total set includes 90 total cards, with a number of monopoly-themed parallels. Here is the total list:

Parallel NamePrint Run
Gold Money Shimmer Prizms/500
Brown Prizms/249
Light Blue Prizms/199
Pink Prizms/149
Orange Prizms/124
Red Money Shimmer Prizms/100
Red Prizms/99
Purple Money Shimmer Prizms/50
Gold Prizms/49
Green Prizms/24
Green Money Shimmer Prizms/20
Boardwalk Blue Prizms/15
Blue Money Shimmer Prizms/10
Gold Wave Money Prizms/10
Neon Green Prizms/10
Black Gold Prizms/5
Pink Money Shimmer Prizms/5
Black Prizms1/1
White Money Shimmer Prizms1/1
Deal PrizmsNA
Dice PrizmsNA
Free Parking Prizms(iCollect only)
GO PrizmsNA
Monopoly Black Prizms(board game only)
Monopoly Man Black and White PrizmsNA
Question Mark PrizmsNA
Silver PrizmsNA
Teal Wave PrizmsNA
Tiger Stripe Boardwalk Blue PrizmsNA
White Sparkle PrizmsNA

Here is a look at that Boardwalk Blue Tiger Stripe:

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