2023 Topps Heritage Variations Gallery & Info

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On one hand, 2023 Topps Heritage is one of the more difficult products to spot variations from—there are subtle color changes, “errors,” and more.

On the other hand, it’s one of the easiest products when it comes to spotting variations because it’s the lone product that notifies you on the back of the card (well, until the “SSP” gold mirror image variations of flagship series 1, but you get the point.

Altogether, it’s a coll product if you like putting sets together and searching for the fun and funky.

In total, there are six different types of variations as noted on the 2023 Heritage checklist:

  • Error Variations
  • Image Variations
  • Throwback Uniform Variations
  • Nickname Variations
  • Name-Position Swap Variations
  • Rookie Short Prints

Error Variations

In the past, Heritage error variations replicated the errors present in the original set Heritage was based on. However, for 2023 Heritage, the blunders are more diverse and exciting—classic missing player names or team names and a hobby-favorite, reverse negatives. Here you see Bryce Harper swinging from the right-side of the plate:

I’m personally not a fan of “generated” errors, and am hoping something not so obvious slips through the cracks.

Image Variations

If you’ve been collecting at all over the last decade, you’re undoubtedly familiar with image variations. For Heritage this year, they’ll continue to be a treat for collectors (but you can only find them in hobby packs).

How can you identify image variations? True to the name, Topps switches out the main “base checklist” photo for a different one, giving you a unique card that stands out from the rest. But if you are used to spotting “action variations” like in years past, that’s changing this year.

To “cheat,” simply flip over the card and look for the printed “IMAGE.” Here’s a Juan Soto image variation:

Throwback Uniform Variations

A personal favorite of mine—if you’re going to have “throwback cards,” you have to have throwback uniforms. So, this variation isn’t all that difficult to explain or spot as you’ll be looking for player’s in retro jerseys and hats. That is, if you’re luck—odds say 1:10,469 hobby packs and 1:26,006 blaster packs, and the sale prices are falling in line accordingly:

Nickname Variations

Another easy one to spot, as long as you’re looking at the names—if you see “All Rise,” “Sho Time,” or “Millville Meteor” instead of Aaron Judge, Ohtani, and Mike Trout, respectively, you’ve got a nickname variation. Here is the full list of names

  • Aaron Judge “All Rise”
  • Shohei Ohtani “Sho Time”
  • Mike Trout “Millville Meteor”
  • Adley Rutschman “Rutsch”
  • Julio Rodriguez “J-Rod”
  • Bryce Harper “Bam Bam”
  • Javier Baez “El Mago”
  • Juan Soto “Childish Bambino” (Just a guess; I haven’t seen one)
  • Pete Alonso “Polar Bear”
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. “Vladdy”

Name-Position Swap

I don’t know. Some might find these to be cool, but if you’re just taking two pieces of information that already exist on the card and swapping their places, I think there is cooler stuff out there.

Nonetheless, here is what you’re looking for: the player’s name on the top of the card instead of the bottom, and the player’s position on the bottom of the card instead of the top.

Rookie Image Variations

Now, this one is a little confusing because with the rookies, we have “SPs” and image variations. For the sake of this article, we are focusing on image variations. This simply means the base image is swapped out for something that is typically a little more fun, goofy, artistic, or off the wall. Rookie image variations include:

    • Oscar Gonzalez
    • Drew Waters
    • Gunnar Henderson

    • Riley Greene
    • Oswaldo Cabrera
    • Brett Baty

    • Christopher Morel
    • Nolan Gorman
    • Corbin Carroll

    • Michael Harris
    • Adley Rutschman
    • Vaughn Grissom

    Angels Errors

    Just kidding, but wanted to point it out. You’ll see that all of the Angels cards are missing their team name. These are not error cards or error variations. Following what they did with Justin Upton in 2020 Archives, Topps only prints “Angels” for Angels cards, and since this design calls for the city name, they’ve opted to leave it blank.

    I can’t find a definitive answer, but came across this:

    “Regardless of the actual name of the team, the Angels have rarely used their full name anywhere since they made the locale change to “Los Angeles” from “Anaheim” in 2005. Baseball cards simply refer to the team as the “Angels” while merchandise which would normally include a city and team name reads “Angels Baseball”.”


    2023 Heritage Checklist

    All of that leads us to the complete checklist, which you can browse or search below.

    Card #Player NameVariation Type
    5Mike TroutError, Image, Name, Nickname
    7Adley RutschmanError, Image, Name, Nickname
    9Luis RobertName
    10Jonathan IndiaThrowback
    12Kris BryantName
    14Jazz Chisholm Jr.Name
    15Byron BuxtonName
    17Bryce HarperError, Image, Name, Nickname
    18Julio RodríguezError, Image, Name, Nickname, Throwback
    19Nolan GormanError, Image, Name
    20Shohei OhtaniError, Image, Name, Nickname
    22Corey SeagerThrowback
    25Ozzie AlbiesThrowback
    30Michael Harris IIError, Image, Name
    35Jordan WalkerRookie SP
    48Riley GreeneError, Image, Name, Throwback
    57Shintaro FujinamiRookie SP
    64Gunnar HendersonImage, Name
    65Simeon Woods RichardsonName
    71Seiya SuzukiThrowback
    72Javier BáezName, Nickname, Throwback
    80Kodai SengaRookie SP
    85Bobby Witt Jr.Throwback
    95Garrett MitchellImage, Name
    96Drew WatersImage, Name
    97Vaughn GrissomImage, Name
    108Masataka YoshidaRookie SP
    110Christopher MorelImage, Name, Throwback
    135Oswaldo CabreraImage, Name
    152Aaron JudgeImage, Name, Nickname
    172Bo NaylorImage, Name
    183Ronald Acuña Jr.Image, Throwback
    188Cade CavalliName
    194Max MuncyThrowback
    209Corbin CarrollImage, Name
    218Christian YelichName
    265Brett BatyImage, Name
    267Will SmithThrowback
    282Anthony VolpeRookie SP
    307Paul GoldschmidtImage, Name
    315Mookie BettsImage, Name, Throwback
    364Juan SotoError, Image, Name, Nickname
    371Nelson VelázquezThrowback
    377Freddie FreemanName
    380Pete AlonsoName, Nickname
    382Óscar GonzálezImage, Name
    385JJ BledayName
    388Francisco ÁlvarezError, Image, Name
    401Francisco LindorName
    421Joey VottoThrowback
    460Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Image, Name, Nickname

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