2023 Topps Heritage Most Valuable Cards

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The most valuable cards sold from 2023 Topps Heritage include Real One Red Ink Autos /74: Corbin Carroll ($1K), Adley Rutschman ($780), Gunnar Henderson ($750), Mike Trout ($725), and Julio Rodriguez ($550). In terms of non-autos, a Rutschman Nickname Variation sold at $250, a Trout Nickname Variation sold for $190, and an Ohtani Nickname Variation sold for $175.

Now, after covering the 2023 Topps Heritage checklist and then following up with a look at the different Heritage variations, this much is clear—rookie parallels rule). Either way, let’s take a more detailed look at the best cards from 2023 Topps Heritage.

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(Again, I don’t include autos or 1/1s in these write-ups, as most people who pull these cards know to check their values. My goal here is to help identify cards that might fly under the radar.)

2023 Topps Heritage OZZIE ALBIES Throwback Variation SSP -ATLANTA BRAVES- #25

For instance, look how “normal” this Ozzie Albies card looks. If you were flipping through cards, it would be so easy to pass this one up, only to later realize that this card sold for $475. The only other I’ve seen sold so far is a Will Smith for $169. (Hobby odds ar 1:10,469 packs!)

So, take a look at the uniforms. Better yet, keep these players burned into your brain as players with throwback variations:

  • Jonathan India
  • Julio Rodríguez
  • Corey Seager
  • Ozzie Albies
  • Riley Greene
  • Seiya Suzuki
  • Javier Báez
  • Bobby Witt Jr.
  • Christopher Morel
  • Ronald Acuña Jr.
  • Max Muncy
  • Will Smith
  • Mookie Betts
  • Nelson Velázquez
  • Joey Votto

2023 Topps Heritage MIKE TROUT #74PS-MT 1974 U.S. Postage Stamp Relic Insert /50

You’ll begin to see with many of the cards on the list, the combination of star power, hobby prowess, and rarity is going to drive value. This one features Mike Trout with a postage an actual stamp relic from 1974, which adds a unique and nostalgic feel. I’d probably prefer more Trout than stamp, but I guess we have enough pure Trout cards already.

2023 Topps Heritage MASATAKA YOSHIDA Red Sox rc #108 Rookie Variation SP

How about the first rookie card of the exciting new addition to the Red Sox, Masatake Yoshida? Of course, this isn’t just a pure base card, but a rookie short print variation. I would have loved to see an action shot, but that’s not really the Topps Heritage style. At least according to the 2023 Topps Series 2 checklist, we will have another Yoshida rookie card to chase.

Other SP rookie sales include:

2023 Topps Heritage Aaron Judge Black & White Variation SP New York Yankees

This is also a good time to remind people that with a newly-released product, prices will be inflated a bit. That is, cards always seem to sell higher when the product is new versus when more of it hits the market and thus more cards hit eBay.

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These black and white variations come one in every 205 packs, on average, and it’s a full set variation, so there should be quite a few floating around out there after some time. I’m also not in any hurry to put these on the list of 2023’s best baseball cards, but they have some value.

If you’re wondering how those odds stack up againts other variations, (hobby, blaster):

  • Error Variations (1:2,930 hobby and 1:7,288 blaster packs)
  • Image Variations (1:68 hobby packs)
  • Throwback Uniform Variations (1:10,469 hobby and 1:26,006 blaster packs)
  • Nickname Variations (1:1,954 hobby and 1:4,893 blaster packs)
  • Name-Position Swap Variations (1:289 hobby packs)
  • Black & White Variations (1:205 hobby and 1:511 blaster packs)

And while not a variation, be sure to know how to tell a flip-stock baseball card (/5, not numbered) from a regular-issue.

2023 Topps Heritage Mini Corbin Carroll RC #209 SN/100

Just like low-numbered Mike Trout cards are going to do well, so will “rookie cards” of rookie of the year candidates like Corbin Carroll. Only 127 cards off of the main checklist were shrunken down for the mini treatment, and each is /100 (1:555 packs).

2023 Topps Heritage Error Variation SSP #17 Bryce Harper – Philadelphia Phillies

As shown above, 2023 Topps Heritage error cards (variation hobby odds) are around one for every 3,000 packs, while pulling one from a blaster is much tougher. Thus, this Harper “reversed image” sold for $115, along with:

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