Baseball Card Subscription Box Breakdown

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What makes collecting baseball cards enjoyable? For most, it’s the thrill of the chase, either in the form of buying packs and hoping to hit something of value, or by scouring sites like eBay hoping for that one card they need to become available. Others prefer baseball card trading clubs and websites for the more social aspect.

For those who like to go the pack route, you’re somewhat at the mercy of your surroundings in terms of where you can actually find baseball cards to buy. Some of you are lucky enough to have a local card store, while others only have the retail option at Walmart or have discovered Amazon cards and Fanatics, or, have to resort to old faithful, eBay.

Have you used Cratejoy before? There are a number of sports card subscription box options available directly through their platform, which can be browsed here.

For everyone though, we can always go online. And, if you’re looking for variety and a regular stream of packs delivered right to your door, baseball card subscription boxes are a fun option.

Sports Card Subscription Box Pros

Like anything, there are good things, and there are potential downsides! The baseball card subscription box is no different.

Fun & Entertainment

Fun, right? We are talking about baseball cards after all. Thus, the main draw of the baseball card subscription box is the entertainment factor.


I mean, take the fun you usually find in opening a pack of cards and multiply that by the fact that, on a monthly basis, you’ll be surprised with a new, usually unknown supply and pack assortment on your doorstep.

Cost Control

So this is one that makes sense if you’re able to abide by it. Meaning, many of us who are collectors are constantly pitting cards against our budgets. Especially if you make regular trips to Target or Walmart, you can’t help but notice the many boxes and packs staring you in the face.

Given all of that, a baseball card subscription box helps you control costs, and stick to a budget. If you know you have, say $30 to spend a month on cards, subscribe to a card box option and leave it at that.


I don’t put a ton of value in this pro, given the fact that many of us have cards that are findable at least at a retail store nearby. But, it doesn’t get more convenient than “set it and forget it” home delivery. This is probably more of a plus for home items you know you’ll be consuming on a regular basis – diapers, paper towels, etc. – but still, cool if baseball cards are in fact just as consumed as those items.

Sports Card Subscription Cons

It’s hard to believe there can ever be anything “bad” about receiving baseball cards at your home on a regular basis, but here goes nothing.


As mentioned above, the pro of “cost control” can easily become overspending if your baseball card subscription box becomes just another avenue to spend money on the hobby. Meaning, if you know you’re the type of person who is going to have an issue with your card budget, adding a subscription box might not be the best idea.


While the above point touches on the fact that a card subscription box can put you over the top of your card budget, this point is more along the lines of perhaps getting better value elsewhere. It’s also a tough point to really get behind 100%, because depending on the vendor you’re buying through, and the fact that packs will vary month to month, there will be some boxes that give you more on-paper value, and some that give you less. So, in the end, it might be a wash.

A better heading for this one might be “you have more control over your money if you pick and choose your own packs in person,” but it’s a little long. Either way, I’m sure you get the point.

Inability to Cancel

Not because you can’t or aren’t allowed to cancel, but simply because of human nature.

I mean, we’ve all been there with any subscription product or service…you tell yourself over and over again to cancel, but then forget until the next time said product shows up on your doorstep, at which point you tell yourself you have plenty of time to cancel, and then endure the entire cycle yet again.

Baseball Card Subscription Boxes

Given the above, if you’re in the mood to subscribe, here are a few options for you! Each seems to offer their own “twist,” with different package levels, team selection, and more.

Please note, this list has been compiled from my own personal research and at the suggestion of readers. This is not an endorsement for or against any of the services below, and is presented in alphabetical order. If you have any other products you’d like me to take a look at and potentially add, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Baseball Cards of the Month Club

A ton of different options…you’ll have to check it out for yourself!

Boom Box

Per the website, a Boom Box includes 7-10 hobby packs, penny sleeves and top loaders, and other inserted items like extra packs or “curveballs.”

Collect by Design

“Bringing the local card shop to your front door,” touts Collect By Design, who offers sports card, autograph, and memorabilia services.

Subscription tiers include bronze, silver, gold, and diamond tiers, with bronze offering hobby and retail packs and diamond offering “highest end” hobby packs, additions, a break, exclusives, and more.

Collectible Card Club

Choose from modern or vintage, pick your sport, and select a membership level which will net you either 5, 10, or 15 packs.

Dugout Crate

Select a single Dugout Crate or a 3-month subscription. You can also opt for the Gold Edition, which includes 10 mid-high end packs, one high-end auto, one high-end relic, and “more surprises and fun.”

Hero Habit

Select a subscription box from your favorite team, and expect to find 25 cards including randomly distributed inserts, variations, and even autos.

Sports Cards Direct

Under Sports Card Direct’s “Subscribe” products, the options include basketball, football, soccer, and wrestling.

Within basketball, for example, it looks like you can choose from five different packages between “basic,” which is 3-5 basketball card packs from 2017-2019 and “diamond,” which is 6-10 packs of the same, but of a higher-end variety (Optic, Certified, Mosaic, Prizm, or Select).

Vault Card Club

The Experience Box contains a range of hobby packs from the last few years, while the Hi-Rollers Box contains “high end packs from a variety of products, along with other goodies.

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