What Does PC Mean in Sports Cards?

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We talk about abbreviations and acronyms a lot with trading cards, and for good reason. If you’re going to navigate the hobby, which is one full of buying and selling and potentially high-value cards, you’d like to do so confidently.

Regardless of whether you predominantly buy and sell cards or keep them for yourself, you’d like to understand the chatter around you, and importantly, you’d like to be able to interject.

Up to this point, we have covered:

And today, we are defining the term “PC”

What Does PC Mean In Cards?

In sports cards, PC stands for “personal collection,” and depending on how the term is being used, can also mean “personally collect” or even “player collector.”

For example, if I were to say I PC Ken Griffey Jr., that means I collect Ken Griffey Jr. Likewise when someone asks “What do you PC?” or “Who do you PC?” they are asking the type of card or player that you collect.

PC Rules & Guidelines

Here is the good news—”PC” is just a way to communicate more efficiently; there are no rules or guidelines that are attached to the term. And the beauty of the hobby is that you can in fact PC whatever you choose, in whatever quantity you chose. Even better, PCs can change and evolve over time, start and stop, and can branch out into however many directions you choose.

So if you had to separate hobby terms into different buckets, you have some that carry more meaning, like PWE and BMWT, which, if misunderstood or misused, can have an impact on the purchase, sale, or trade of a card, and then you have terms like PC, which is truly just an abbreviation, and an easy way to communicate what you collect to someone else.

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