All About Panini Point Values—Wild Cards & More

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Remember when you’d go to the arcade as a kid with the goal of mashing arcade game buttons and earning tickets? You’d then take those tickets and redeem them for prizes, etc. Well, that’s kind of what Panini Points are like.

Panini Points are randomly distributed values found in packs of Panini sports cards. These points range from 150 to 15,000, and sometimes arrive in the form of “wild card” points, and the true value of each card can be found when scanned with the Panini Rewards app.

Right now, the item redeemable for the most points is a Zach Mettenberger auto for 900 points. That same item can’t be found on eBay right now, but a much better parallel /15 is for $30. (You can view all of the rewards here.)

But how much are the points worth if you want to sell them? For example, 900 Panini Points are worth about $30 right now based on recent eBay sales. Here is a breakdown of the different point denominations (these are rough estimates):

  • 900 $30
  • 600 $20
  • 400 $14
  • 250 $10

Panini Points can be redeemed for sports cards as a part of the Panini Rewards Program. Points cards can be found in Panini packs, and are thought of to be “hits” just as autographed and relic cards would be.

For example, right now you could redeem 150 points for a Deommodor Lenoir 2021 Contenders Rookie Ticket auto, as pictured above.

How to Obtain Panini Wild Card Points

As mentioned, Panini Wild Card Points can be found in unopened packs of Panini cards and products. For example, if looking at football card boxes with “guaranteed” autos, a Panini Points card or wild card could take the place of one (or both) of the autos.

It’s for that reason that Panini Points aren’t always a welcome find for collectors who drop hundreds of dollars on hobby boxes.

That said, at higher denominations, Panini Points can be sold for a good return, and more than what a $10 auto hit would have netted you. Like all things cards, it just depends, and there is no way of knowing how things will work out when you open a box of cards.

Of course, you can also buy points on the secondary market, whether that’s on eBay, sports card forums, social media, or wherever else cards are sold.

Currently on eBay, the lowest-priced Wild Card points (at “Buy It Now”) are listed for $54.

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