PSA OC Meaning & Other Qualifier Examples

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PSA OC Definition

“OC” is a specific qualifier assigned by PSA to identify a card as “off center” even though that card meets the criteria for a particular grade. For example, a PSA 9 means the card is in mint condition, but a PSA 9 OC means that card also significant centering issues.

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You might be thinking, if centering is one of the main factors in determining the grade of a card, then why would the card receive a grade of 9 OC rather than just drop its rating to a truer grade of PSA 7 for example. PSA has addressed a piece of this question in a 2021 policy change:

“Moving forward, the mint card with mild centering issues would grade a PSA 7 or PSA 8 as opposed to being a 9(OC). In other words, the centering would be reflected in the numerical grade. However, in the case of the mint card with significant centering issues, the grading staff may decide to apply a qualifier, assigning the card a 9(OC) rather than dropping the grade all the way to a PSA 4 or PSA 5.”

The key word here is “significant” and unless the card has significant centering issues, the centering will be factored into the grade. The same article mentions:

“The qualifiers will be used infrequently and at the discretion of the grading staff when they feel it’s in the card’s best interest to apply a qualifier.”

So, now that it’s understood what OC means from the grader’s perspective, what does it mean for you the card buyer?

Does “OC” Impact a Card’s Value

There is significant difference in value between a PSA 9 and a PSA 9 OC. The same goes for other grades, meaning yes, the OC qualifier impacts a card’s value.

For example, the last three PSA 9 Barry Bonds 1986 rookie year cards sold for the following prices (including shipping):

  • $45 on 7/15/22
  • $42.99 on 7/14/22
  • $46 on 7/14/22

Now, looking at the last three PSA 9 OC versions of that same card:

  • $24.99 on 7/3/22
  • $24.99 on 6/26/22
  • $38 on 6/16/22

The $38 on 6/16 might be an outlier, but the last two sales were for nearly 50% less than the PSA 9 without the qualifier.

Are There Other Qualifiers?

In addition to OC for off-center, PSA could also apply the following qualifiers:

  • MK (Marks)
  • MC (Miscut)
  • ST (Staining)
  • PD (Print Defect)
  • OF (Out of Focus)

Be sure to check out PSA’s grading standards and different PSA card grading examples for more information.

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