Best Custom Sports Card Display Stands for 2023

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As much as I love to store my cards in top loaders, and then place all of that plastic goodness into monster boxes and more, the enjoyment here comes from rummaging through those boxes months later, only to discover cards I forgot I even had.

This is not the way to enjoy the hobby.

We love cards because they are cool to look at or fun to hold; because they are easy to pick up and examine, or to tell a story about. Shoving them off into a closet or under a bed is not a conducive solution for regularly enjoying your cardboard.

1. Slabstand Custom Adjustable Stands

Moving into customizable territory, Slabstand offers both “perfect fit” adjustable display stands and custom logo stand. These appear to be 3D-printed, which as a business idea, I absolutely love.

The perfect fit has an adjustable screw that allows the stand to “lean back” or “prop up” as much or as little as you’d like. And the custom logo stand is just as it sounds—here is one I was gifted from a hobby friend for my “coliseum collection” (which is full of random non-A’s players pictured in the Oakland dugout).

2. Stand Up Displays

Similarly, we have Stand Up Displays, which like Slabstand, offers a variety of adjustable and custom cards stand options. One thing I like about their site is that they already have a number of stands built out for your favorite teams, cities, and jerseys (not to mention a “BANG!” stand just for breakers and their popular catchphrase).

3. Custom 3D Printed Trading Card Stand

Advancements in 3D printing have opened up a number of possibilities, and trading card stands are benefitting as well. While the listing is geared more toward non-sports, and Pokemon specifically, they do fit a number of different graded slabs including PSA, BGS, and SGC. Raw cards in toploaders and one touches fit as well.

Simply go to the listing, add your colors and personalization notes, and you’re on your way. Cost is $7.95 plus $4.25 to ship.

In addition to custom stands, sometimes you need something quick and easy. Acrylic easels, two piece stands, and other options are more than capable of putting beautiful cards on display.

4. Acrylic Easels

Perhaps the most popular choice given they are relatively cheaper, are available on Amazon, and get the job done. Called “easel” stands because they function much like a painter’s easel where the card “canvas” sits on the stand and leans backward to prop itself up.

Most of the options on Amazon work out to be $1-$2 per easel—here is a lot of 24 for $14.99.

You’ll want to pay attention to the sizes and descriptions of the different options. For instance, this one specifically states for “magnetic card holders.”

The typical size for “regular” cards seems to be 2.25 inches. As a variation, some of the options have a foldable hinge which allows for more maneuvering and precise sizing.

5. Two-Piece Stands

While the easels are simple one-piece out-of-the-package stands for quick and easy setup, they are limited to one angle. So, sticking with popular Amazon options, there are also two-piece stands that allow for more flexibility thanks to a sliding back piece that can prop up or lay down the card at different angles.

I would have expected these to be a little more expensive, but it doesn’t appear so—here is a box of 20 BCW stands for less than $10.

6. Mag Holder Stands

One type of holder I didn’t even know existed until researching for this post was an all-in-one magnetic holder plus display. It’s actually a two-piece stand, which is tough to see from the image below, but if you take a look at this picture you’ll see the magnetic holder and the stand it fits into:

Currently, I personally have many of my cards in magnetic one-touches, and I’ve placed those onto the acrylic easels mentioned above without issue (other than getting a little wobbly at times). But, this could be a more secure option. These are a bit more expensive, though—a 3-pack on Amazon costs $16.99 (which according to the Honey Chrome extension, is the lowest price in 30 days).

All in all, some cool options—know of anything else? Please

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