What is a Logoman Card?

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A logoman card is a type of relic card that features the full league logo from the player’s uniform. Logoman cards are among the most rare of any card, are typically numbered 1/1, and are often a player’s most valuable card. For example, a Jamal Murray 2016 Flawless logoman RPA sold at the end of June 2023 for $30,000.

The card is called a logoman because the patch itself is made up of the league “logo” (ie, NBA logo) and the “man” depicted in the logo (ie, Jerry West). Sticking with basketball, the term logoman is often reserved for basketball, but will sometimes be used for baseball cards.

@ericwhiteback: “The 2016 Panini Flawless Jamal Murray 1/1 Logoman RPA just sold at auction for $30,000. It’s a new all-time record for any Jamal Murray card.”

The NFL equivalent of the logoman is the shield patch, and are equally sought after by pigskin collectors. This Brock Purdy (who sits consistently near the top of the list of hottest rookie cards these days) shield card was recently pulled, making headlines across the hobby.

@CardTalkPod: “The Brock Purdy 1/1 Shield was pulled and will likely pull in 6 figures with him looking like the probably starting quarterback for the 49ers heading into this season.”

In terms of where to find them, logomans and NFL shield patches are usually found in higher-end releases like National Treasures, Flawless, Impeccable, and others. That said, products like Spectra have been known to include the logoman on a checklist or two.

Speaking of headlines, it was the Lebron James triple logoman that was the ultimate chase card for Drake when he was ripping open $250,000 worth of Flawless.

@PWCCmarketplace: “@Drake on a hunt for LeBron’s Triple Logoman?”

All in all, the logoman is an exquisite card in any capacity, and one the hobby adores. And while many of us will never pull one let alone hold one in our hands, it has evolved into somewhat of a mythical chase card that will be the subject of cardboard stories passed on from generation to generation.

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