1st Bowman Chrome Card Definition, List & Info

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A 1st Bowman chrome card is a player’s “first” professional card, along with the 1st Bowman paper card. The chrome version is arguably one of the most desirable “base” baseball cards a player can have, along with a player’s Topps Chrome rookie card.

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Is a 1st Bowman Chrome Card a Rookie Card?

Technically, a 1st Bowman chrome card is not a rookie card, as the true “rookie card” label is generally reserved for a Topps flagship release. That said, the fact that isn’t a true rookie doesn’t at all take away from its value, and in fact, the 1st Bowman chrome is often more valuable than a true Topps rookie card.

For example, take a look at Ronald Acuna at the moment (these are lowest available Buy It Now prices for PSA 10 copies).

Does Every Player Have a 1st Bowman?

Unfortunately, every player does not have a 1st Bowman card. Bowman hasn’t always used the 1st Bowman emblem and designation, and has even gone “on and off” with it over the years. Now it’s here to stay, but it hasn’t always been the case.

Second, it would be near impossible for Topps to predict and print a 1st Bowman for every player to be included on different checklists. In fact, some of the biggest name player’s in today’s game don’t even have a 1st Bowman “base” card, like Juan Soto, who only has a 1st Bowman chrome autograph, and if you’re looking for Steven Kwan rookie cards, a 1st Bowman won’t be on the list.

And then sometimes, mistakes are made. Pirates prospect, Liover Peguero doesn’t have the 1st Bowman logo on his “first” Bowman:

Are There 1st Bowman Chrome Refractors?

Yes, staying true to form, there are 1st Bowman refractors, and refractor parallels including the different colors and numbered cards, along with superfractors.

Is a 1st Bowman the Same as Bowman 1st Edition?

No, 1st Bowman cards and Bowman 1st Edition cards are completely different. While a player can have a 1st Bowman/1st Edition card, the Bowman 1st Edition is considered a printed “set” of cards with everyone on the checklist receiving the “1st Edition” logo. On the other hand, as mentioned above, the 1st Bowman logo is applied within a set, and doesn’t constitute a release of its own.

In terms of chrome, there are not 1st Bowman chrome/1st Edition cards. Instead, 1st Editions offer foil finishes instead of chrome.

For example, here is a Jasson Dominguez “rookie card” 1st Bowman, 1st Edition:

And here is an example of a 1st Edition foil. Notice the shiny foil finish, but no mention of “chrome” on the Bowman logo. This is also an example of a 1st Edition that is not a 1st Bowman:

Where Can You Find 1st Bowman Chrome Cards?

2022 Bowman has already been released, and within it are Bowman Chrome prospects, including 1st Bowman chrome cards for many top prospects. In addition, according to the Topps product release schedule, 2022 Bowman Chrome is set to come out September 14, 2022, and of course, will include 1st Bowman chrome cards.

So, as you can see, there are 1st Bowman chrome cards to be found in 2022 Bowman, and then separately in 2022 Bowman Chrome. If looking for cards from previous years, you’ll find much of the same setup.

1st Bowman Chrome List

To help, here is a handy list of 1st Bowman chrome cards from the last few years. Utilize the search function to locate a particular player of year.

BCP-1 Carlos Aguiar 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-2 Jhonkensy Noel 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-3 Kahlil Watson 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-4 Misael Gonzalez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-8 Benyamin Bailey 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-10 Curtis Mead 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-11 Dauri Lorenzo 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-12 Estiven Machado 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-14 Roberto Campos 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-15 Branlyn Jaraba 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-17 Oswaldo Cabrera 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-18 Alvin Guzman 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-19 Adrian Sugastey 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-21 Jose Pastrano 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-22 George Valera 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-23 Elijah Tatis 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-24 Jorbit Vivas 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-26 Anthony Rodriguez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-27 Darell Hernaiz 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-28 Brandon Valenzuela 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-32 Euribiel Angeles 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-36 Brady Allen 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-39 Fran Alduey 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-40 Simon Muzziotti 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-43 Robby Martin Jr. 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-46 Warming Bernabel 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-48 Luke Waddell 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-50 Elly De La Cruz 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-51 Robert Dominguez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-52 Maikol Escotto 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-56 Dariel Lopez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-57 Eddys Leonard 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-59 Justice Thompson 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-60 Ricardo Genoves 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-61 Ceddanne Rafaela 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-62 Jose Rodriguez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-65 Diego Rincones 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-68 Niko Kavadas 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-69 Rodolfo Nolasco 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-70 Andry Lara 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-71 Colson Montgomery 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-74 Fidel Montero 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-75 Michel Triana 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-76 Lenyn Sosa 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-79 Jackson Chourio 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-80 Junior Sanquintin 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-82 Aeverson Arteaga 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-83 Roismar Quintana 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-84 Jack Suwinski 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-85 Peyton Wilson 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-88 Hendry Mendez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-89 Max Muncy 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-90 Yhoswar Garcia 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-91 Matt Fraizer 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-92 Samad Taylor 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-93 Braylin Minier 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-96 Ian Lewis 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-97 Martin Gimenez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-99 Alejandro Pie 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-100 Norge Vera 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-105 Will Wagner 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-107 Brayan Bello 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-108 James Wood 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-110 Diego Velasquez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-111 Junior Sanchez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-112 Joshua Baez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-118 Jonatan Clase 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-119 Dustin Harris 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-120 Logan Cerny 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-121 Mahki Backstrom 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-122 Zayed Salinas 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-123 Edgar Quero 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-124 Ronnier Quintero 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-125 Luis Gonzalez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-127 Victor Lizarraga 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-128 Felix Valerio 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-129 Jose Ramos 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-130 Christian Roa 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-131 Darren Baker 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-134 Eduardo Lopez 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-136 Luca Tresh 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-137 Trey Sweeney 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-138 Denzer Guzman 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-142 Allan Cerda 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-144 Jheremy Vargas 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-147 Luis Verdugo 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-150 Victor Labrada 1st2022 Bowman
BCP-5 Nick Maton – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-7 Maximo Acosta – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-21 Adinso Reyes – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-25 Jeremy De La Rosa – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-33 Eddy Diaz – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-36 Ismael Mena – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-40 Yolbert Sanchez – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-42 Mick Abel – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-52 Liover Peguero – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-59 Jake Vogel – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-71 Blaze Jordan – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-82 Antonio Gomez – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-87 Austin Martin – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-89 Gabriel Arias – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-94 Trent Deveaux – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-97 Kevin Alcantara – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-106 Jared Kelley – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-110 Jose Salas – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-125 Aaron Sabato – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-128 Jose Tena – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-130 Hyun-il Choi – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-131 Christopher Morel – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-140 Yunior Severino – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-145 Alexander Ramirez – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-149 Ivan Johnson – 1st2021 Bowman
BCP-151 Victor Acosta 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-153 Kevin Made 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-154 Helcris Olivarez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-161 Julio Carreras 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-171 Cristian Hernandez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-179 Alexander Mojica 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-180 Gabriel Rodriguez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-181 Jeferson Quero 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-186 Cristian Santana 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-189 Pedro Leon 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-191 Eduardo Garcia 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-196 Luis Rodriguez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-197 Wilman Diaz 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-199 Yiddi Cappe 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-202 Luis Medina 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-206 Misael Urbina 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-207 Emmanuel Rodriguez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-208 Alexander Ramirez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-212 Alexander Vizcaino 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-215 Milkar Perez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-216 Pedro Pineda 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-222 Shalin Polanco 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-223 Po-Yu Chen 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-226 Malcom Nunez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-228 Luis Toribio 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-232 Gilberto Celestino 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-238 Carlos Colmenarez 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-239 Jhonny Piron 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-244 Manuel Beltre 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-247 Armando Cruz 1st2021 Bowman Chrome
BCP-249 Starlin Aguilar 1st2021 Bowman Chrome

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