Baseball Card Packs: Blister vs. Cello vs. Gravity

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For all of the different definitions we talk about on this blog, it’s amazing the number of “oh, yeah” moments that still come about. Meaning, while we do our best to talk about the different terms one might encounter in this hobby, there seems to always be an “oh, yeah—a newcomer should probably also know about this as well.”

All of that leads us to the different types of baseball card packs you might come across in your card-hunting – and typically retail – adventures.

What is a Baseball Card Pack?

A baseball card pack is a package of baseball cards. The number of cards contained in a pack will vary by card brand, set, year, and more. The type of cards within each pack will also vary, with some packs guaranteeing a hit like a jersey card, others guaranteeing parallel cards, and some not guaranteeing anything outside of the number of cards received.

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Traditional packs of cards are typically thought to come from bigger boxes of cards. For example, depending on whether it’s a retail or hobby edition, a box of cards might have something like 24 packs within it.

There are also different types of baseball card packs, which are explained below.

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What is a Cello Pack?

A cello pack usually contains more than a standard pack of cards that you’d retrieve from a sealed box, as mentioned above. Getting its name from “cellophane,” some cellos are see-through to the point of being able to see the front and/or back cards.

What is a Blister Pack?

A blister pack is a pack of cards that contains multiple packs of cards. For example, a blister pack will be a package usually constructed of a see-through plastic front and cardboard backing that contains three different packs of cards. (“Blister” is a popular type of consumer good packaging.)

What is a Gravity Pack?

A gravity pack most closely resembles the traditional pack of cards you’d find in a hobby or retail, however, gravity packs are typically found in retail settings.

For example, in Target or Walmart, you’ll mostly see blaster boxes, and then larger boxes of cards fixed to and hanging from the wall that have an opening at the bottom allowing you to grab available packs. As you take a pack, another one falls down to take its place. These are gravity packs.

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