What is a Mosaic Genesis Card From Panini?

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Mosaic Genesis is a rare parallel card found in football, basketball, baseball, and soccer products. While many Mosaic parallels are bright and flashy with greens, oranges, and pinks, you can spot a Genesis thanks to its relatively darker appearance and “swirl-like” features depending on the product.

Print Run

In terms of print run, Panini doesn’t release such information, but it is believed by many that they are numbered to 200-300 copies for current releases. Some people say they are rarer than that while others argue that they are actually less rare.

One way to gauge the number of Genesis parallels in circulation is to check graded card population reports. Obviously, not every card is graded, but it’s a start.

For instance, the number of Genesis parallels that have been graded from 2021 Mosaic include:

  • 114 Trevor Lawrence #301
  • 80 Joe Burrow #47
  • 77 Justin Herbert #111

How does this compare with Honeycomb?

  • 48 Trevor Lawrence #301
  • 32 Joe Burrow #47
  • 35 Justin Herbert #111

From 2021 football pop reports, it looks like there are fewer Honeycombs than Genesis parallels, which would lead one to believe that Honeycombs have a lower print run.

Where to Find Mosaic Genesis Parallels

Here is a list of the different product checklists that feature the Genesis parallel, linked up to take you right to eBay to search for one of your very own. As you can see, many sellers list their Genesis cards as a “case hit.





What do Mosaic Genesis Cards Look Like?

While I’m not able to include every card from every sport and release, here is an example of what to look for when searching for Genesis parallels.

2020 Mosaic Football Genesis #206 Jerry Jeudy

2021 Mosaic Genesis #197 Ryan Fitzpatrick

2022 Mosaic Genesis #34 David Montgomery

2020-21 Mosaic Genesis #131 Dennis Schroder

2020-21 Mosaic Genesis #43 Andrew Wiggins

2021 Mosaic Genesis #35 Dustin May

2021-22 Panini Mosaic English Premier League Genesis #104 Heung-Min Son

2022 Panini Mosaic Genesis #151 Xander Bogaerts

How to Spot a Genesis While Ripping

When opening packs of Mosaic, the Genesis is actually pretty easy to spot. My favorite method regardless of the parallel is to simply fan out the cards upon opening in order to easily find the parallel.

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For example, take a look at this video. Watch as the pack opener fans the cards and immediately spots the Genesis.

What are the Most Valuable Genesis Cards?

Over the last few months, these are the most valuable Genesis cards for each of the different sports. As you can imagine, top rookies in PSA 10 form will be at the top of the list! These raw sales prices not including shipping. I’ve also excluding any “best offers.”


  • Justin Herbert 2020 Genesis RC PSA 10 $4,800 7/9/22
  • Justin Herbert 2020 Genesis RC PSA 10 $4,650 7/1/22
  • Justin Herbert 2020 Genesis RC PSA 10 $3,901 8/11/22
  • Justin Herbert 2020 Genesis RC PSA 10 $3,850 7/18/22
  • Justin Herbert 2020 Genesis RC PSA 10 $3,860 8/16/22
  • Joe Burrow 2020 Genesis RC PSA 10 $3,430 7/1/22
  • Joe Burrow 2020 Genesis RC PSA 10 $3,051 8/21/22
  • Joe Burrow 2020 Genesis RC PSA 10 $2,750 8/8/22


  • Ja Morant 2019-20 Genesis RC PSA 10 $2,675 6/19/22
  • Anthony Edwards 2020-21 RC PSA 10 $2,300 8/25/22
  • Ja Morant 2019-20 Genesis RC PSA 10 $2,075 8/15/22
  • Ja Morant 2019-20 Genesis RC PSA 10 $2,025 8/15/22
  • Zion Williamson 2019-20 Genesis RC PSA 10 $1,730 8/31/22
  • Ja Morant 2019-20 Genesis RC BGS 9.5 $1,699 6/20/22


  • Jonathan India 2021 Genesis RC $450 7/4/22
  • Jacob DeGrom 2021 Genesis $199.99 7/16/22
  • Jonathan India 2021 Genesis RC $100 8/1/22
  • Al Kaline 2021 Genesis $89.99 8/23/22
  • Buster Posey 2021 Genesis $69.95 7/1/22
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