Buying Cards Directly From Topps & When to Consider Doing so

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With so many different places to pursue the hobby, from finding places to buy cards to searching online card stores specifically, we sometimes forget that we can go straight to the source!

Does it make sense to always do so? No, but depending on your goals, Topps.com can be a reliable source of supply. 

Can You Buy Cards Directly From Topps?

Yes, you can buy cards directly from Topps via Topps.com. From singles to packs, boxes, and more, you can purchase from Topps online just like you would a product from any other manufacturer or retailer. 

What Cards Can You Buy Directly From Topps?

Consumers can buy new releases the day they are made available, along with online exclusives like Topps Now, art collection singles, and much more. 

When Does Topps Release New Products?

Topps usually releases boxes and packs from major products on Wednesdays. For instance, looking at the Topps product release schedule I have here, Topps Five Star is set to drop today, Wednesday, August 31st.

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Why Buy From Topps Directly?

Ok, the meat of the article. As you probably already know, cards can be found everywhere…from eBay to your local card shop, but even places like Walgreens sells cards; Barnes & Noble, and more. I even saw packs of Opening Day at my local car wash the other day.

So, why buy from Topps? One of the biggest reasons is that you’ll be purchasing at the released price, and if are able to grab something, don’t have to worry about battling it out for product on the secondary market. Anyone who has had to do so knows it can be a frustrating experience knowing that a product was released at one price but now marked up.

One of the more recent examples with this was the 2021 All-Star Rookie Cup set that was an online exclusive (more on that term) below and thus only made available for sale via Topps.com. Upon release a box was around $50 give or take; it could have been $49.99 but I don’t fully remember.

Anyway, the product caught fire, and people loved it, myself included. Problem was by the time it really started to heat up, it was no long er available on Topps.com. And yes, while it did sell out, it wasn’t an immediate sell out—I definitely didn’t buy my boxes right when the product was released.

So, if someone wanted to buy a box, they had to go to the secondary market, and speaking from experience, the lowest price before shipping, etc. was around $80. So, a box you could have easily purchased directly from Topps for $50 could now only be found for $80.

Speaking of, here is one on Amazon for $129.99.

Secondly, some card products are online exclusives and thus not sold anywhere except Topps.com. These product include the All-Star Cup boxes I mentioned above, along with Finest Flashbacks, and more. But in addition, there are more niche products, like the Topps X collaborations, which are curated sets by a famous music artist, athlete, etc. and then printed by Topps.

For example, popular Topps X products include Topps X Steve Aoki, Topps X Gary Vee, and others. Here is a look at the 2022 Topps x Derek Jeter – Call of the Captain:

Each of these sets have a different assortment of cards and checklist, but usually have a guaranteed hit, which along with the unique design and again, niche feel, make them a

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