What is the Mosaic Honeycomb Parallel Card?

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Mosaic Honeycomb is a “case hit” parallel card found in 2021 and 2022 football products from Panini. True to its name, the Mosaic Honeycomb parallel has sections of the card that resemble a bee’s honeycomb. Here is what a Mosaic Honeycomb parallel looks like:

Print Run

Just like another popular Mosaic parallel, the Genesis, the print run for Honeycomb parallels isn’t published by Panini, and is thus unknown. That said, you can at least get a start in comparing print runs by looking at the grading pop reports, including PSA.

For example, Honeycomb population for 2021 Mosaic includes:

  • Pop 47 Justin Fields #304
  • Pop 40 Mac Jones #306
  • Pop 27 Micah Parsons #362

Compared to Genesis parallels of those same cards:

  • Pop 101 Justin Fields #304
  • Pop 112 Mac Jones #306
  • Pop 66 Micah Parsons #362

So, at least based on the PSA population for 2021 Mosaic football, Honeycomb parallels appear to be printed in fewer quantities than Mosaic Genesis parallels.

Honeycomb Value

Another indicator of rarity is the market value or what people perceive the value of these cards to be. One thing to consider is, even if Honeycomb parallels were limited to 100 copies per player, the 2021 Mosaic checklist includes 400 cards. So, that would be 40,000 Honeycomb parallels in total, which actually might make it seem that “everyone” is pulling them.

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To go along with that, because the parallel isn’t only relegated to stars, it’s not enough to simply pull a Honeycomb—it needs to be of the right player.

For example, here are some recent raw card sales:

  • 2022 Tyreek Hill $19.24 5/7/23
  • 2022 Brad Johnson $10 5/7/23
  • 2022 Kirk Cousins $10.50 5/7/23
  • 2022 James Conner $10.50 5/5/23

Nice cards, but I wouldn’t say huge value.

Here some bigger names:

  • 2022 Drew Brees $40 5/8/23
  • 2022 Nick Chubb $25 5/7/23
  • 2022 Dan Marino $24.50 5/3/23
  • 2021 Dan Marino $46 5/7/23
  • 2022 Mac Jones National Pride $45 5/6/23

And then the biggest of names:

  • 2022 Tom Brady Super Bowl $145 5/8/23
  • 2022 Trevor Lawrence $117 4/28/23
  • 2022 Joe Burrow National Pride $152.50 5/6/23
  • 2022 Brock Purdy $320 3/19/23
  • 2022 Kenny Pickett $200 4/26/23

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