Mike Trout Relic Cards

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Relic cards are terrible only if you allow them to be. I mean, they have been here for years and will be here forever, in seemingly every release, until the end of cardboard. So, let’s embrace them!

And what better way to embrace them than looking at some of Mike Trout’s greatest (that is, other than Ken Griffey Jr. jersey cards).

Some of these cards might be sold already, and it’s not like I expected you to read this and go out and buy a card for hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, either way, it’s more to bring awareness that cool relics are out these, and while a jumbo colossal patch 1/1 might be out of reach for whatever reason, there are a number of suitable alternatives.

Mike Trout relic cards include:

  • Bat Knob Relics
  • Bat (Barrel) Nameplat Relics
  • Multi-Color Patch Relics
  • Jersey Nameplate Letter Relics
  • More!

(To maintain a level playing field, we’ll be excluding any autos from the conversation!)

Mike Trout 2019 Topps Tier One Bat Knob

When it comes to relic cards, the bat knob is the pinnacle; the ultimate chase. Think about it—you have your jersey pieces, which are a dime a dozen, and then your jersey patches, which are a bit chunkier and more colorful. From there, relics can go in a number of directions—cleats and gloves are cool, but when stuck into a card, come up a bit short.

The bat knob, though? It’s perfect. Well, it’s a perfect circle, and it’s the part of the bat you know the player touched (if that’s your thing).

2022 Topps Sterling Mike Trout Game Used Bat Nameplate

If not the knob, though, why not the barrel? While the barrel of the bat might not be touched as much as the knob, think about how many home runs could have bounced off that baby? Not to mention that, while I love the pencil “trout” and “27” on the knob, the etched “MIKE TROUT” with pine tar and/or other pieces of crud aren’t half bad either?

2022 Topps Triple Threads Mike Trout Red Jumbo Patch

Even if just a piece of the jersey, not all relics are created equal! Sure this is a 1/1 and a team color match at that thnaks to the red, but if not this one, there are others waiting.

Why do people love patches? Usually the colors, as most patches are going to be at least 2-color, and some (like this one) could be 3 or 4 colors. Some also like the “chunkiness” a big patch card brings, giving you the feeling that you are holding something truly unique and different.

2022 Topps Update Mike Trout Own The Name Letter Nameplate

Speaking of patches, some collect for beauty, and others collect as a spelling excercise. Enter, the nameplate patch. As you can see it offers everything a patch would, but the clear letter cutout makes it extremeley collectable either as a “one off” or especially so for those looking to put together the full name, like this:

(I hope there Saltalamacchia hasn’t ever been on the nameplate checklist.)

2022 Topps Triple Threads Mike Trout Patch

Ok, if you like patches and you like thjose patches to spell out something meaningful, but you’d rather Topps just do it for you, then these Triple Threads Relics are for you. As you can see in the example above, the card has it all, along with a subtle “21 Multi Homers” as a nod to the fact that Trout has a career 21 games in which he has hit a home run more than once (a franchise record.)

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